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Spiritual Mindset for Woo-Curious Female Entrepreneurs

You're totally intrigued by all the "woo woo" stuff, but it seems like most of the advice you see out there is a little too...well, out there.  At this point, you're thinking "I really want to understand, but just tell me what I have to actually DO!"  And believe me girl, I totally know that feeling.

Hey, I’m Shelsey. 

I help female online entrepreneurs use spirituality in a grounded step-by-step way. 

I called my business the Left-Brained Hippie because I’m super into the “woo woo” world (meditation, yoga, crystals, manifesting, law of attraction, etc)…

…But that wasn’t always the case.

And when I was first starting, it drove me nuts that the “gurus” would say things like “align yourself with your inner being” and “set the intention to receive”.

And WTF does that even MEAN?

I was like, “Okay, I believe it works, and it sounds great…but just fucking tell me what to DO and I’ll do it!” I wanted actual ACTION STEPS and INSTRUCTIONS that were written in plain English, not with the spiritual jargon that I didn’t understand yet.

The advice I was reading was just so esoteric and “airy-fairy”. And I knew that this “universe stuff” could really benefit people with online businesses, but most of the resources I was finding were just too “out there” for most people to connect with. 

I knew that I needed to create resources with the step-by-step rundown for those of us who didn’t grow up sitting on a crystal mat in lotus pose while burning incense.

What does spirituality have to do with business?

When you're working on your mindset from a spiritual standpoint (as opposed to a "just get it done" attitude), you're able to work through inspired action rather than just "busywork".

The result? You actually GET results.

When you're hustling 24/7 and the money's coming in more like a leaky faucet than a firehose, there's something wrong.

It doesn't have to be so fucking HARD all the time.

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