How to Create Positive Momentum Every Damn Day

By Shelsey Jarvis

You know how when you wake up “on the wrong side of the bed”, eerrrrrrything seems to work against you for the rest of the day, until you collapse back in bed at night, thinking “I shouldn’t have gotten up today”?

We’ve all been there, trust me. It’s definitely not just you.

That’s because when your day starts off on the wrong foot, you are immediately focused on something negative. Whether it’s because you stubbed your toe while getting out of bed, or maybe your alarm didn’t go off and you’re running super late for work, you’re now thinking about that.

How to Create Positive Momentum Every Damn Day - Create an upward spiral and start manifesting a ridiculously amazing life in 30 days | Left-Brained Hippie

Here's the problem: Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts, and all those compounded negative thoughts attract negative things.

Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts, and all those compounded negative thoughts attract negative things.

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Whether you’re aware of the law of attraction or not (it basically just means that like attracts like), we see it all the time.

“Birds of a feather flock together”

“When it rains, it pours”

“The rich get richer, the poor get poorer”.

So when your day starts off less-than-pleasant, your day can easily spiral out of control if you don’t change your thought pattern.

Wouldn’t it be nice to experience an UPWARD spiral every day?

Here are 5 ways you can create that positive momentum in your day...and in your entire LIFE.

 Take these tips on board, and let's talk in 30 days--I'm willing to bet your outlook will be a whole lot sunnier.

1. Start the day on a high vibe.

Getting up before everyone else to have a bit of alone time has made a MASSIVE difference for me. This can be easier said than done, I understand. When my baby was only a few months old and keeping me up most of the night, you bet your ass I wasn’t getting up extra early for meditation. But now that she’s a little older, I’ve been getting up at 5am for the last month or so. That gives me usually about an hour to myself before anybody needs me. And sure, there are times when they beat me to the punch and wake up crying or something at 4:55, but that’s not every day.

So why is it worth it? Because for once in my day, I don’t feel the need to work, clean, or be there for ANYBODY. I’m a total introvert and I look forward to that time to read, visualize my dream life, meditate, or do whatever mindset work I feel like.

Plus, I get to drink my coffee while it’s HOT, which just won’t happen once the kids are up.

This puts me in an amazing mood. I’m more patient, more loving, and I am able to be more present with my family each morning (instead of the bitchy lady in the corner trying to guzzle another cup of coffee).

I'm not gonna lie, there are still days when I shut off my alarm and go back to sleep. But let me tell you one thing--I notice a huge difference in my mood (and I'm betting my family does too!)​

2. Make Your Bed

Now, before you X out of this browser window, hear me out. Making your bed might seem really insignificant, but it restores order to where you spend a LOT of your time (although maybe not enough time, for some people). When your sheets aren’t all balled up under the comforter, it’s DELICIOUS to climb into bed at night.

And, it gives you a quick win that literally takes 1 minute to do. Quick wins beget more quick wins.

3. “Choose” each moment.

Sometimes, no matter how well your day started, speed bumps come up and threaten to derail your great mood. Maybe the kids are rowdier than usual, maybe you’re stuck in traffic, or maybe you just have one of those “does anybody actually give a shit what I want?” moments.

The day can really get out of control if you don’t halt that negativity on the spot. So try to CHOOSE to be in that moment.

“WTF? Why would I ever CHOOSE to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic?”

I know, it sounds nuts. But the thing is, if you feel like it’s out of your control, it only makes you feel worse. But when you tell yourself that it’s YOUR CHOICE to be in that moment, and that everything will be okay, it can feel better. Especially if you decide right then to find something positive about the situation.

When I’m having a breakdown and the kids are acting crazy, the only way I can snap out of it is to just turn away, take a deep breath, and tell myself that I’m so grateful to have them in my life, and they’re only climbing on me because they love me.

I’m not perfect. Sometimes I don’t make the effort to snap out of it. And when that happens, I feel fucking awful. And nobody wants to feel like that.

And really, the only thing that makes a situation “good” or “bad” is how WE perceive it. So change your perception!

How to Create Positive Momentum Every Damn Day - Create an upward spiral and start manifesting a ridiculously amazing life in 30 days | Left-Brained Hippie

4. Actively look for (and acknowledge!) things that make you happy.

And I mean EVERYWHERE. You probably already know that gratitude is the way to go in life, but few of us actually look for the things in our life that we’re grateful for.

To get myself into the habit, I gave myself a challenge for 30 days to list 50 things I’m grateful for each day. Sure, the first 10-20 are easy, but once you get into the 40-50 range? You gotta really think about it!

And I really believe that has brought more happiness and abundance (in all senses!) to my life.

Now, I try to just pause a few times a day, and look around. What makes me happy? I really love the backspash above my sink. I really love some of the thrift store finds I have arranged on a shelf. I really love seeing my family smile. I love how my son is so excited to tell me about his day.

ANYTHING. You can be happy about the fact that you’re still BREATHING, if you can’t think of anything else.

You can be happy about the fact that you're still BREATHING, if you can't think of anything else #gratitude

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5. Spend 5-10 minutes every hour raising your vibe.

That might sound like a lot of time, but it’s really not. When I’m working, I use the Pomodoro technique, which gives me 5 minute breaks every 25 minutes. During that 5 minute break, I’m rarely scrolling through Facebook. I’m sitting outside, I’m playing guitar, I’m tickling my baby to hear her giggle, I’m visualizing, I’m walking, I’m doing something that makes me HAPPY.

If you spend even just that much time each day thinking really amazing thoughts, that would have not only a profound effect on your day, but your entire LIFE.

Because just as negative thoughts attract more of the same, so do positive thoughts and positive circumstances.

So tell me in the comments...what's raising your vibe today?​


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Hey, I'm Shelsey, and I help female online entrepreneurs clear the mindset gremlins that are sabotaging you from the inner corners of your brain. Join me in the Left-Brained Hippies Facebook community!

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Karina April 21, 2017

Your blog is totally raising my vibe today. Don’t remeber how I found you on fb but I’m glad I did.
I often come back, in my thoughts, to the video you did on what we can learn from a toddler. The one about your son wanting the milk to only be poured by you.
Thank you for being you. Your posts always help me out. Going to be using tip #5 especially at work.

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