How to Feel Rich (even when your bank account says otherwise)

By Shelsey Jarvis

How to Feel Rich (even when your bank account says otherwise)  |  Left-Brained Hippie

Unless you were born into the top 1% of the population, there’s a good chance that you’ve had thoughts of “I can’t afford that”, or “that’s too extravagant” sprinkled throughout your life.

According to the law of attraction, you’re expected to “feel” the feelings of exactly what you want to manifest. But when your bank account is overdrawn and credit cards are maxed out, it doesn’t exactly bring about those feelings of wealth.

So every time a bill comes in or an unexpected expense is deducted from your account, that sense of panic sets in.

And unfortunately it keeps you in the lack mindset instead of an abundant one. These are some tips to help break through that mindset:

When you’re focused on a feeling of security, wealth, and abundance, that’s what you’re going to attract. A good way to know what you’re focused on is by gauging your feelings. If you think about money and you get a knot in your stomach, or a ball of anxiety, then you’re thinking about the lack of money. But if you felt excitement, or expectant when it comes to money, then you’re in a much more abundant place.

An excellent exercise is to imagine your rich self. A great question to get into this mindset is by asking yourself the question “What would I be doing or choose if I was earning my dream salary?”

I get that it can be pretty tough to imagine yourself as “rich” when your brain has been playing the “I’m broke” record ad nauseum.

You also simply can’t expect to magically wake up with 200k a year salary when you’ve been living like a pauper this whole time.

You can begin these steps for free or with a very small investment. And you can definitely do that without overspending or with huge steps. The goal is to simply work on your own mindset and feel better about your own money story.

1.  Incrementally Upgrade to Nicer Things

As an example, one of my greatest life pleasures is drinking coffee. I absolutely love it. But for years, I’d been stocking up on the cheapest brand when it was on sale.

But drinking the bargain brand simply wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. I decided to upgrade to a more expensive brand because that’s truly what makes me happy in the morning. It’s all about the little things that will bring you the most joy. Just a few dollars extra can help you feel like you live a more extravagant lifestyle.

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    2. Look For Things You’re Settling For.

    Notice things that you’ve simply been putting up with – such as broken chairs or things that just don’t work anymore. I personally had a ratty ass old umbrella. The smallest breeze would blow and it would turn inside out. It was coming off of the metal things. It’s hard to feel rich when you’re putting up with piece-of-crap belongings.

    One day, it was raining outside and it was just honestly just destroyed. So I decided to purchase a pretty striped umbrella that is of a much higher quality.  I got it for like $17 at a pharmacy.  I didn't have to blow my paycheck on it for it to make me happy.

    Even if you’re not spending a ton of money, you can still feel richer by having something that’s much better and isn’t broken. Look for things in your house or life that you’ve been settling with. Leaky faucets, broken lights, or any other small annoyances.

    3. Use Fancy Stuff That You Already Have

    I’m sure that you have some nice dishes, fancy clothes, or nice smelly soaps that you’re saving for some special occasion. Use it now! Don’t let it collect dust for no reason. What clothes make you feel like a million bucks? Wear that now. That doesn’t cost you a thing.

    One thing I did was I took all my shoes and displayed them nicely. To be honest, I don’t even wear a lot of them because I’m not comfy in heels (although I love the look of them), but I really love looking at how beautiful they are, and it makes me feel rich to have lots of gorgeous pairs of shoes.

    4. De-clutter.

    Clutter is the enemy of wealth. All clutter is basically energy that’s “stuck”. So clean out a closet or junk drawer. Donate, throw away, sell, do whatever necessary to strip your belongings down to what you actually use or love. By having that extra space, it’s a double whammy—you’re creating new space for the new belongings to flow in, and you’re going to feel so much lighter just by having that extra space.

    Every few months, I go on a huge purge and take PILES of stuff to Salvation Army. Clothes, books, toys, whatever might still be useful. And I’d say even more ends up on the curb in the trash.

    I’m lucky that I’m naturally not super attached to most of my belongings, but for my hoarder hubby, it’s a bigger challenge. So if you have hoarder tendencies, do your best to really be honest with yourself—how likely are you to actually need this?

    You know me, I’m all about giving you action steps.  Some questions to ask yourself:

    • What’s a small luxury that you could upgrade to that would genuinely make you happy?
    • What’s one thing around your house that’s broken that you can easily fix without breaking the bank?
    • What nice stuff do you have laying around the house that you’ve saving for a special occasion that you can start using today?

    An important thing to remember is to make sure that you don’t go too far out of your comfort zone. You don’t want to spend an excess amount of money on something and then regret it and feel worse. Make small changes that feel good but just a bit of a stretch. The only criteria beyond that, is to make sure that you get something that you enjoy instead of something that’s going to impress others. We’re not trying to keep up with the Jones’ here.

    Finally, I know that it can be a huge stretch of the imagination to think about being “rich” instead of “broke”. If it feels better, think of going from insecure to secure about money. You don’t have to jump immediately from poor to rich, just think about how the bills are getting paid and all of your basic needs are being met (or whatever tiny things you can find to be grateful for—they all count!). In no time, you’ll be in such an abundant mindset that manifesting your desires is smooth like butta 😉


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