Passive Income Screws With Your Mindset

By Shelsey Jarvis

Most people are living with the belief that making money has to be hard. More than likely you grew up hearing that money doesn’t grow on trees or that money has to be earned. So when you go to create a passive income stream and the money starts coming in, it can really screw with your mindset. 

A lot of unexpected fears and doubts can start creeping up that you didn’t realize were there. And honestly, it can be hard to put your finger on it and identify it as a money block. Most people have just simply grown up with their parents working hard, long days and have the deeply-set belief that making money is hard to do.

How Passive Income Screws With Your Mindset: 4 Surprising Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Success | Left-Brained Hippie

This belief can get passed down through the generations. And we soak that shit up like a sponge from a very young age.

Ask yourself: How did my parents talk about money? What was their attitude toward making and having lots of money? What was their attitude toward rich people?

That’s generally an excellent starting point to see where your current money blocks are.

How do these beliefs affect us?

Do you find yourself putting off income producing activities in your business?

Or do you take forever to complete your online course (or whatever project you’re on)?

Or do you feel the need to continuously give bonuses, your time, and just keep giving, giving, giving until you basically hate your business?

Sometimes, when something feels too easy we kind of panic and create more work for ourselves. Then we complain building a business is too hard (we humans are kinda ridiculous like that).

You might also feel guilty when making money feels too easy. You may feel like you don’t deserve that money in some way.

(Before you dismiss these possibilities, have you ever said “you shouldn’t have!!” when someone gives you money?).

My own bullshit stories

You may or may not know this, but I was an employee in a music store for 9 years. I sold recording equipment to studios and musicians. And that was a very specialized job - you had to know a lot about recording to do it. I made good money - but still not what I should have been. Honestly I was scared to ask for a raise.

I had fears that they would say they can’t afford it, or that perhaps I hadn’t earned it. Plus, I was already earning more than most of the other people in the store—I had a sense of guilt around them finding out how much I earned. Especially considering that I hadn’t been working there as long as some of them. And I couldn’t quite understand these feelings because I hadn’t yet started working on my mindset.

One quote that has absolutely stuck with me is: “If you want to make more money, solve bigger problems or reach more people”. Which means that passive income doesn’t have to be hard, require tons of time, or energy.

What are you getting out of your stories?

If you constantly feel the need to work harder in order to earn that money, ask yourself what you’re getting out of that. If you keep holding onto a belief, it’s because on some level you feel like it’s serving you.

Do you get to play the victim? Do you feel the need to justify the money you earn by how hard you work? Or do you feel the need to earn your money because it builds character?

I actually had a client who had these same thoughts. At the time, she wasn’t earning her dream income yet, and on a call one day, she said “It’s good I’m not earning a lot of money yet. It builds character.”

Now what’s the problem here? The problem is, it suggests that you can’t build character and earn good money at the same time.

What was she getting out of her story? Justification that she’s a better person because she’s not making money yet.

The best way to reframe those thoughts is to think “It’s okay to be where I’m at right now. The money is on its way”. This helps you develop the belief that you’re on this journey, and that moolah is coming anytime now.

What are you gaining by holding onto your money blocks? Because obviously your subconscious mind thinks you’re gaining SOMETHING.

So how does passive income fit in?

Everyone loves the sound of passive income. It’s a huge buzz word. But in reality, to be truly successful at it, your subconscious mind needs to be on board as well. You need to be okay with making money easily.

How do you know if you have this block?

Here are 4 ways this block might be showing up in your business:

1. Feeling like you need to overdeliver all the damn time.

For example, maybe you created a freebie or a product and you keep wondering if you gave enough. There’s a delicate balance between giving them something for free that’s valuable and giving away the entire farm. Do you feel confident that your offerings are “enough”?

2. You refuse to put out your product or service unless it’s perfect.

What the fuck does “perfect” even mean, anyway? You can’t know if it’s perfect unless you put it out there and get feedback on it. The best version comes after people have seen it, used it, and you get to improve upon it.

3. An icky feeling when you get that notification that you made money

(heads up for the people who haven’t started their passive income yet—you may experience this in the future). When you hear that little ding, you may get a few worries that creep up, such as wondering “is there is enough content? Are they going to like it? What if they ask for a refund?”. Or MAYBE that icky feeling is because you feel like you “cheated”, or didn’t really work for that money.

How Passive Income Screws with Your Mindset (4 sneaky ways that you might be sabotaging your success). Eek!!

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4. The desire to work constantly and feeling a sense of panic at taking a day off

You could probably work 24 hours a day and still never finish your to-do list. There’s a difference between working 10 hours a day because you WANT to, and working 10 hours a day because you think you HAVE to.

(and I know some of you are kidding yourself right now—yes, I believe you enjoy your business, but I KNOW you’re working from a place of panic and overwhelm. I see you! ;))

You think your business will suffer and it just keeps building up in your mind. And more than likely, you’re the one who set the deadlines for yourself. So truthfully, you have no consequences if you decide to be patient with yourself and get it out on a reasonable timeline.

When you feel like you can’t step away for even a little bit, you have a block.

But hey--it’s not your fault you’re screwed up 😉

Most of us didn’t grow up with the mindset that the world is abundant and that there is more than enough for everyone. I sure as hell didn’t, anyway! We can so easily get stuck with the employee mindset and working for a certain amount of time everyday in order to be successful. Hence the reason why passive income can really bring up a lot of money blocks we may have.

But once you begin working on your mindset, you can eventually come to the conclusion that making money truly can be easy to do.


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