Why Money Won’t Cure Your Money Problems

By Shelsey Jarvis

It happens at least a few times a week--I’ll go to the convenience store to buy milk or something, and when I go to pay, I’m waiting for 5 minutes behind someone who’s buying a pile of lottery and scratch tickets (I think it’s a Quebec thing--I never noticed it as much anywhere else!). Another week gone by when their dreams of being rich and leading an easy life haven’t come to pass.

Why Money Won't Solve Your Money Problems - You've been going about it all backwards, and here's why.  |  Left-Brained Hippie

Most people think 99% of their problems would be solved by winning the lottery and then whatever problems are left will be solved because they will have the time to work on them.

Well, no. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Mo’ money, mo’ problems?

Here’s the problem: The money blocks are still there. No amount of money will cure your money blocks. Your subconscious will work against your efforts in defense of those beliefs. Our actions are totally controlled by our subconscious mind. Think of your subconscious mind as the puppetmaster and your body as the puppet.

First of all, no matter how much money you have, you will still have money blocks if you haven’t worked on clearing them. It’s all about the inner work, and eventually you will see that reflected in your bank account and in your wallet.

Money magnifies who you are and what you already believe. If you are an asshole, then you’ll be an even bigger asshole with money. But if you’re a good person, that will just allow you to be good on a much larger scale.

Money magnifies who you are and what you already believe.

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Change the belief, not the behaviour

We humans have it ass-backwards. We try to make all kinds of money, thinking it’ll fix our problems. But in reality, if we worked on our relationships, self-worth, and other blocks, the money will have room to flow in. For example, maybe you resent the fact that you’re responsible for the finances in your marriage. So you’re nurturing a belief that “I have to take care of everything, and nobody takes care of me”. You might mindlessly spend the money, either because you don’t want your partner to have it (because, resentment!), or you want to rid yourself of the responsibility.

So you have to FIRST fix the relationship. Work out a different arrangement, or else find a way to be genuinely okay with the current arrangement. Then, that self-sabotaging behavior is no longer needed.

Change the belief, and the behaviour will follow suit.

Here are a few signs you’ve got blocks around this.

3 signs you’ve got massive resistance to keeping money around--is this you?

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You always have the same level of debt.

Maybe you have 10k in debt and just when you’re making progress paying it off, you have to pay for an expensive repair, or there’s a purchase you just couldn’t resist. Same thing with continuously having the same bank account balance--if you can never seem to keep more than your average amount in your account, that’s an energetic block, and even if you receive a large windfall of money, chances are it’ll disappear pretty quickly.

Money Burns a Hole in Your Pocket

You know when you just HAVE to spend every dollar before payday? Like, even if you have $4 in your account, you find yourself wondering, “what can I get for $4?”. Or if you go shopping, and you buy stuff you don’t even like just because you don’t like having money left over.

You Have No Clue Where The Money Goes

If you’ve ever had a great month in business, a tax return, or maybe even an inheritance, you probably expected that money to go pretty far….but then all too quickly, you’re right back to where you started. You can’t even remember where it went - you spent it just for the sake of spending it.

Real Life Proof that Money Doesn’t Cure Money Blocks

There’s a really famous personal development guru who earns millions of dollars a year and doesn’t fully own her wealth. She proudly talks about how she scrubs her own floors and cooks all her own meals. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that--if you actually love scrubbing your floors and cooking, then by all means, GO for it. But if you’re spending time doing that because you want to be “just like the average person”, instead of doing activities you love or that build the business, that’s a block.

It's the same for lottery winners. They win incredible amounts of money and they find a way to just burn right through it. They weren’t energetically aligned with wealth, so it disappeared all too quickly. They’ll make poor investments, buy expensive stuff that has no real value, waste it on their vices, and pretty soon they’ve rebounded right back to where they started.

Celebrities also go bankrupt all the time. We’ve all heard the stories of MC Hammer, Toni Braxton, and others whose money slipped through their fingers and they had to declare bankruptcy. They didn’t have blocks to earning money, but when it came to holding on to it, there were definitely some issues.

An entrepreneur that I know who has multiple 5-figure months, still has trouble feeling abundant with it. Blocks affect everyone. And that means that you need to do the inner work.

Your net worth always follows your self worth, not the other way around.

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Where does it all go?

You might be thinking, “No matter how much money I make, my lifestyle won’t really change, so I’d probably just save most of it”. And maybe you would, but not if you’ve got massive resistance to having a large bank balance. So how do these rich people blow through all the money?

Well, like MC Hammer, you could hire too many people, keep expenses too high, buy stuff that you don’t need or even really like just to keep up with the jones’. There’s nothing wrong with buying stuff that you genuinely love and that makes you happy, but when you buy stuff that doesn’t really matter to you, you’re not spending your money mindfully.

A few years ago, I had $40,000 in debt (student and consumer debt, no mortgage) When you have no collateral and nothing to show for it, it really sucks. We got our finances sorted, but we were inches from bankruptcy.

We’d always make our payments, and I even started a savings account. But a funny thing happened--suddenly I’d need to raid the savings account to pay for something unexpected, or I would take any credit increases that I was offered. Pretty soon, my debt had bounced right back up again. Womp womp.

It’s something that I'm still working through. I’ve come a long way, and my energetic “tolerance” for money has increased big-time, but I’ll be real--this is one of my biggest blocks.

Do you have an “energetic intolerance” to having a lot of money?

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The moment I realized I had this block was when I first hired a cleaning lady. I asked her if I could pay her for two weeks at a time, because I had the money at that moment. I actually said to her, “I don’t like having that money just sitting in my account”.

Whoaaaaa. Total moment of self-awareness! It’s something I’d been telling myself under the surface, but it was the first time I said it out loud.

Whenever I got a paycheck, I would pay my bills first and then I would just buy useless shit with the rest of it. 3 days after payday, I was already broke again. It was like a money hangover every 2 weeks.

How do you fix this shit?

It comes down to your self worth. I’m all for having a ton of money, but it doesn’t really mean anything. If you don’t love yourself, the money is not going to stick around.

Prioritize fixing other shit in your life, and focus on that. If you have an unhappy marriage, and you’ve been thinking that you’ll fix it after your money stuff is fixed, you’re already wrong. Money doesn’t come first. You need to fix the other problems that you have going on first. Because otherwise you’ll be in a vicious cycle that you can’t get out of.

Trust that the money will flow when you do that. I know that you think that you have to work on your business constantly in order to get the money to come in, but I promise that you don’t have to. I scaled back my work and began to focus on other things in my life and I received more money than ever. Focus on areas of your life that need your attention.

Don’t be a hoarder--that’s not better.

One last thing here--I’m not saying you have to hoard your money. It’s definitely important to have a savings account but you should still spend some. Money is energy, and energy needs to flow in and out. If you hoard it, and are fearful of spending it, then that’s really no better.

It just comes down to what you’re spending it on. Do you buy stuff that makes you jump for joy every time you use it or look at it? Or is it just junk?

To start making some changes, think about your situation and ask yourself, “what am I getting out of this?” If you’re chronically broke, it’s because a part of you feels comforted by that. Do you get special treatment? Do you like playing victim (that one might be tough to admit)? Do others give you money?

And before you say that you’re not benefitting in any way, hear me out--yes you are. You wouldn’t be so addicted to the behaviour if you weren’t getting anything out of it. Your subconscious mind resists change because change is scary.

Change means letting go of the familiar situations (however shitty they may be) and putting yourself in new situations where you might not know how to navigate the waters. Get real with yourself--the only way you can change behaviour is to change the beliefs that are driving the behaviour.

The only way you can change behaviour is to change the beliefs that are driving the behaviour.

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