Why Meditation is an Income-Producing Activity

By Shelsey Jarvis

Most people think of meditation as some weird, new-age hippie thing where we sit in lotus pose out in nature for hours in complete silence, contemplating great spiritual concepts and chanting mantras.

While I don’t have anything against any of that, it paints a rather intimidating and unattainable picture for the average jane.

Why Meditation is an Income-Producing Activity - How regular meditation helped me reach 5-figure months in my business  |  Left-Brained Hippie

No doubt you’ve heard about the MANY health benefits of meditation, so I won’t yammer on about it. I mean, we all know the health benefits of working out, but let's be real--a lot of us do it so that we can have a smokin’ body (no judgement from me!). Bottom line is, it doesn’t really matter WHY you do it, as long as it motivates you to do it.

If you’ve been thinking “well the benefits sound awesome, but I just don’t have time to sit around for 20 minutes doing nothing”, I want to offer you another, sexier benefit.

Meditating has been the #1 income producing activity in my business.

Say whaaaaaat?

I wouldn’t kid about this. You probably already know that in order to be effective in your business, your time needs to be spent on the most impactful activities, rather than drowning yourself in busywork.

Most people consider income-producing activities to be things like following up with potential clients, having sales calls, creating offers. And while I agree that they certainly are, I’m going to encourage you to add meditation to that list.

When you meditate, it raises your vibe.

Why the hell does that even matter? Because we’re all just vibrating energy. And the frequency at which you’re vibrating determines the things you attract into your reality. So if you want to attract wealth and abundance, but you’re vibrating on the low frequency of lack and fear, then you’ll stay stuck in that.

But when you meditate, you release that resistance and your vibe naturally raises up.

And when your vibe raises up, you become a magnet for all the things you’ve been wanting, but you haven't received because of a low vibe.

High Vibe = Inspired

So let me be clear--it’s not that a million dollars will instantly fall into your lap when you start meditating daily. When you raise your vibe, suddenly you’re an open channel for pure, guided inspiration to come through. It’s like you finally turned on your radio to the abundance station, and the brilliant, money-making ideas start flowing. When you’re working from these inspired ideas, that’s your higher self (the non-physical part of you) leaving you breadcrumbs that lead you to your dream life. It’s called Inspired Action.

When I looked back on my year in 2016, I did an inventory of my best and worst business ideas. I tried to pinpoint where my best ideas came from. And ALL of the ones that made me the most money came to me either during a meditation, or shortly after.

The Universe Favours Action

None of this means squat though, if you don’t act on that inspiration. Take immediate and decisive action, because when you’re smacked in the face with inspiration, there’s already a momentum there. Don’t waste it! Figure out how to take efficient and inspired action. I emphasize efficient because I don’t want to see you fall into the same habit of taking that wonderful idea, dissecting it to bits, wasting time on the busywork, and getting stuck in perfection mode. When you do that, your momentum passes.

Meditation can be simple

The most common thing I hear when I suggest meditation to clients (or anyone!) is some version of “I can’t sit still and not think for that long”.

So first of all, let’s relax our notion of what meditation actually is. Sure, it can be sitting perfectly still for hours and doing nothing else--but it doesn’t have to be.

There’s no “wrong way” to meditate.

Here are a few pointers to get you started

1) Set a timer.

This will help you take your mind off the clock. Without a timer, you’ll be opening your eyes every 30 seconds to check the clock and you won’t be able to really sink into it.

2) Don’t panic if thoughts dare to enter your mind.

This doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. When you sit down and close your eyes, it’s practically inevitable that your brain will go haywire and a bunch of random thoughts will start popping into your head (“why am thinking about that?”). Instead of forcing the thoughts out of your head, use a gentle visual to release those thoughts. Something like imagining the thoughts fading away, or floating away in a bubble. Then return your focus to your breath.

3) Speaking of breath, do it intentionally.

Meditation is your chance to get out of “survival” breathing, and get into that deep, nourishing breathing that will really raise your vibe.

I love to imagine breathing into the base of my spine, and inhaling all the way up through the top of my head, holding that breath for just a moment, and then returning it down to the base of my spine. But you can use whatever image works for you.

4) Meditate with an intention.

This can be anything you want. A question you’d love an answer to, a solution to a problem, or just an open invitation to receive whatever message you need most right now. You can also use guided meditations to help with that intention.

5) Sit in a position that’s comfortable to you.

No need to sit in lotus pose (I’m not there yet, either!). I’m sure there’s a reason why lotus pose enhances meditation, but I’m not an expert and don’t claim to be. What I can tell you is that it still works, even if you just sit on the couch with your feet on the floor. I personally like to sit on a cushion with the soles of my feet together. If sitting in lotus pose will make it hard for you to focus because you’re in pain, then don’t do it. Keep it simple, especially to start.

Here’s the big takeaway: just start imperfectly, because it’s better than not starting at all.


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I love high vibes and wanna learn more 🙂 good article about meditation I’m gonna start now !!!

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