Freedom Beyond Food #1: One Small Change for Radical Weight Loss Results

By Shelsey Jarvis

I’ve managed to create a lot of ease and flow in my life. I work from home, we’ve got plenty of money for bills, my kids are awesome, my marriage is amazing.

But there’s one area of my life that’s felt like a constant struggle: my weight.
One small change for Radical Weight Loss Results - One small commitment you can start TODAY to transform your relationship with food  |  Left-Brained Hippie

Since I was 15, I’ve struggled with this. Ever since I stood in front of a modeling agent as he scrutinized my body, and told me that I should lose 10 pounds if I wanted to be a model. I only weighed 125 pounds--it’s not like I needed to lose weight.

I was always thin as a kid, and it wasn’t until that point that the insecurities started creeping in. I started feeling guilt when I ate something that I wasn’t “supposed to” eat. I felt people judging me for eating unhealthy food because my parents owned a gym, and I was “supposed to be” the poster child “fit teenager”.

A lifelong battle

For nearly 20 years now, I’ve battled with food. What to eat, what not to eat, when to eat it, when I could get some alone time to scarf down the chocolate bar in my purse. Even at my “healthiest”, I was still obsessed with food. I spent most of my day stressing out over it. I would get anxious when I was invited to a social situation, because then I’d either eat nothing at all and feel deprived, or I’d eat everything in sight. There was no in-between.

I remember when I was a kid, there was a sleepover at my friend’s house. Her older sister had invited some friends over too. She put a big bowl of cheezies on the coffee table as we all settled in to watch a movie. Because I had such bad compulsions, I ate most of them in the first 15 minutes of the movie, prompting someone to ask “Who ate all the cheezies?”

I remember feeling deeply ashamed that it was me. “I have zero self-control”, I would chastise myself.

Until recently, that was my attitude around food--keep it away from me, or I’ll eat it all.

Is it supposed to be like this?

And honestly, I’d come to accept that it was normal, since so many other people feel the same way.

Is it actually NORMAL to have compulsions around food, or is it just widely accepted?

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But a part of me still couldn’t accept that my whole life would be spent depriving myself. After all, if you can create ease and flow with a business, why can’t you with food?

When I started openly asking the universe for a solution, I got one.

One morning, I heard a divine download come through; “try meditating before you eat”.

Huh. Interesting. Worth a shot, I figured. So I whipped up a 5-minute meditation audio and committed to listen to it before every meal.

The purpose of this audio was three-fold:

  1. Get in a good mood before I eat

  2. Take a few minutes to appreciate my body

  3. Get ready for a yummy, guilt-free meal.

I started listening and tuning in to my body for 5 minutes before each meal.

The Shifts Happened Naturally

By the time I sat down to eat, I was excited about the food that was on my plate. I was able to interpret my body’s cues more easily, which led to pushing my plate away when I was full, even if there was still food left on the plate. It led to me choosing healthier options, because that was genuinely what I wanted, and it didn’t feel forced. There were no thoughts of “I wish I could have that”, or “I wish I hadn’t eaten that”.

And in combination with some work on my subconscious beliefs, the weight started leaving my body.

Pre-meal meditation + working on subconscious beliefs = weight released from your body without deprivation

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I was blown away. Never in my life had weight loss felt easy, but this time, that’s exactly how it felt. Junk food literally sits in my house for days or weeks now, when before it would rarely last 24 hours.

A New Appreciation for my Body

I have spent years resenting my body for holding onto the weight, and refusing to do what I wanted it to. I have avoided cameras and full-length mirrors, because I’d cringe every time I saw how much weight I’d gained. And even if I was in one of my weight loss phases, I’d still find something to pick apart.

By using meditation before my meals, I was essentially telling my body that no matter what choices it made at the dinner table, I loved it anyway. I was infusing food with gratitude instead of guilt.

Gratitude Over Guilt

My grandparents always prayed before every meal. And to be honest, it was kind of a pain in the ass, growing up. But now I get it. I’m not religious, but I get it.

When you bless your food through prayer or gratitude, you’re actually changing how the food interacts with your body.

Did you ever see that Japanese study where they spoke to different vials of water, some with love, and some with hate? They realized that at a microscopic level, the molecules looked completely misshapen and irregular when spoken to with hate, and beautiful and symmetrical when spoken to with love.

And since we’re like, 70% water and so is our food, you can see how your food might interact completely different with your body when it’s infused with gratitude and love. Sounds airy-fairy, but it’s actually a thing.

The problem is, most of us sit in front of our food, thinking thoughts of self-loathing, resentment, guilt, shame, among a host of other negative thoughts. And then we eat our hate-bathed meal.

Can you imagine the detrimental effect that has over time?

A “Challenge” For You

So I want to “challenge” you to meditate for 5 minutes before each meal even just for the next 7 days to feel the difference. I put challenge in quotes because it’s really not a huge challenge. I’m not asking you to give anything up, or add anything extreme. Just a few minutes per meal.

And if you don’t consider yourself “good” at meditation, no worries--you can’t get it wrong. You can do it sitting, standing, or even laying down. You don’t have to shut off all thought, just do your best to slow it down and focus a bit. You don’t even have to sit perfectly still, you’re allowed to change positions if it’s uncomfortable.

I even created this 5-minute Mealtime Meditation audio for you to pop into your phone and listen to anywhere. Even at a restaurant, you can take a few minutes in the bathroom before you eat. Easy peasy. And then, be open to your body’s cues, and allow yourself to follow them.

I don’t want you to start a crazy unsustainable diet. Those suck. Try this small commitment, and then don’t forget to tell me in the Facebook group what changes happen for you, whether it’s a shift in your mindset, or a physical change in your body!

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