What “Instant Manifesting” Looks Like (It Might NOT Be What You Think)

By Shelsey Jarvis

People talk a LOT about manifesting. And with the advent of “manifesting” as a household term, (pretty much since The Secret) I really think that some people are getting the wrong idea about what instant manifesting is and how it actually works.

There’s this idea that instant manifesting means that all you have to do is think of something--say, a brand new house--and then just like that you receive it. Like in the movie The Secret, where all you have to do is just sit in your armchair in your living room, think about a Ferrari, and then boom, it’s in your driveway.

What “Instant Manifesting” Looks Like (It Might NOT Be What You Think) | Left-Brained Hippie

But that could not be further from the truth. Or let me put it this way-- that’s not usually what it looks like.

People get frustrated--and sometimes feel really inadequate--when they see others claim that they “instantly” manifested something….and yet they’ve never been able to make anything magically appear before their OWN eyes.

I want to take this opportunity to set the record straight. The truth is, instant manifestation IS a thing. But you do have to know two things: first of all, what actually it is. And second, how to know it when you see it.

If you’ve ever listened to Abraham-Hicks (I’m a huge fan!), you might’ve heard them say, “It’s as easy to manifest a castle as it is to manifest a button.”

You might find yourself saying, “well, I believe a button can show up instantly, but I can’t believe a castle would.” Or maybe it’s more like, “if it’s possible to manifest a castle instantly, then why can’t I manifest a thousand dollars instantly?”

I think that some people might be taking their statement a little bit too literally.

The thing is, when they say that buttons and castles can just as easily be manifested, what they mean is that it doesn’t take any more EFFORT to get the castle than it does the button. So it’s not about the speed. (Or rather, it’s not ONLY about the speed.)

So let’s talk about what instant manifesting actually means.

When people say that they “instantly manifested” something, what exactly did they manifest? Simple--they manifested the PATH. Not the THING itself. What shows up instantly is the path to get to what you are wanting.

So what does this path actually LOOK like (so you recognize it when you see it)?

When the path lights up in front of you, it can take on many forms. For example….

What instant manifesting looks like (you’re probably doing it more often than you think!) read the article: http://bit.ly/2rXWv3n

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1) It can look like an idea.

Maybe you’re in the shower and you have an inspired idea. It could be a post that you “suddenly” see on Facebook. Like what happened to me just recently-- I was thinking I’d really love to meet some more entrepreneurs here in Montreal. And then literally next post that I saw on Facebook was in one of my entrepreneur groups, and headline read, “Hi, greetings from Montreal”. And just like that--a step on the path showed up.

2) An impulse or an urge to go do something. Now.

You know those moments when you suddenly feel like getting outside for a walk? Or watching a specific TV show? It feels like an impulse--you don’t really know why, you just feel like doing it. And often, that impulse might lead you to something. Maybe to meeting somebody. Or to learning something that you need to know.

3) Something going NOT as planned.

Now, this is a super common one, and it’s one that really throws people off. After all, people don’t often think of “manifesting” as things not going as planned. It’s supposed to be easy, right? But sometimes, it doesn’t look like “easy” at all.

For example, my mentor, Maru Iabichela, was in Greece for a conference not too long ago. And one morning, she was cleaning out her ears with a q-tip when the cotton part actually came off and got stuck in her ear (yow!). She ended up making a trip to the doctor to get it out--and this is where it gets interesting. So the one thing that she really really wanted was to meet Vishen Lakhiani, who is the president/CEO of Mindvalley. And it turns out that the person who took her to the hospital not only knew the Mindvalley president but also was part of his inner circle. So that trip to the hospital was definitely not planned….but it actually wound up manifesting something that she wanted.

Maybe you’re wearing a pair of high heels and the heel breaks. Then you have to go home and get another pair of shoes only to bump into someone on the way who might light up your path. Or maybe you have to go to the store and buy a new pair, and that leads to an experience that carries your manifestation further ahead. Both look like something not going as planned--but can turn out to be the first sign of manifesting.

4) Coincidences

Another light on the path to manifesting might be a coincidence. You happen to run into somebody that you haven’t seen in ten years. Or you have an idea, and then suddenly you see an advertisement for something else that is just like that idea.

Coincidences? Make that instant manifestations.

5) A Feeling.

After all, feeling in itself is a manifestation. Here’s what I mean: Let’s say you’re trying to manifest something that makes you feel joy--let’s use freedom as an example. Say that you want to manifest a million dollars because you feel it will bring you freedom.

So will that instant manifestation be like, BOOM!--a million dollars in your bank account? No, probably not. But it just might be something else that makes you feel a sense of freedom--if you can acknowledge it and actually go with it.

For example--maybe somebody canceled plans with you that you weren’t looking forward to anyway. And just like that, you think, “Sweet! I have the afternoon free!” And there’s a small taste of that that freedom you’ve been wanting.

6) A little “wink” from the Universe.

It might be angel numbers. That is when you see repeating numbers on a regular basis. For me, I see 1:11 11:11, and 111 repeating numbers multiple times throughout the day. And that for me is a little “wink” from the Universe to let me know that I’m on the right track.

For others, it might be your totem. Maybe you’ve assigned blue butterflies or feathers as a sign from the Universe...and you might “suddenly” start seeing those everywhere. That’s the Universe saying, “Girl, I got you. I heard you and I’m working on it.”

(I could do an entire other episode on how to recognize those signs--we’ll do that another time!)

So instant manifestations are typically NOT the end result--

they’re the beginnings of the path to the end result. And if we just keep following that path, it will lead to the full manifestation we’re looking for.

It’s not the THING that manifests, it’s the path TO the thing. Read about instant manifesting here: http://bit.ly/2rXWv3n

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When you’re able to see those instant manifestations for what they are, what does that make you feel? Gratitude. And gratitude is the “secret sauce” of manifesting. When you feel grateful and in alignment, it’s going to keep you on the right path--and then you’ll see even more signs that you’re on the path.

So as good as all of this sounds, why would we ever block ourselves from receiving any of it? Well, we do.

Here are some of the ways that we tend to get in our own way.
1) We get too hung up on HOW it’s happening.

This is probably the number one way that we block ourselves. We tell ourselves, “this isn’t happening the way I thought it would”. Or maybe something like, “I asked for money and it’s not coming through! Why am I not getting any 1:1 clients? Where are all the clients?”

In other words--HOW am I going to ever get what I want?

But here’s the thing--maybe the way that you think would be the easiest way to receive might not actually be the easiest way. Maybe there’s a way easier method or a more aligned path to receive the what you’re looking for.

But if you’re so hung up on things that are not working (or don’t seem to be), you won’t be able to see a better way. You’ll stay stuck in the “how”--and probably miss all of the possibility around you.

2) We don’t have the TRUST that things are happening the way they should.

What if something doesn’t go as planned? You might find yourself saying things like, “no that’s not how I wanted it to happen, I wanted it to be easy all the time!”

But sometimes the path of least resistance just involves a short bumpy road before you get to the smooth driving.

So trust that everything is happening in your favour, no matter what that looks like. No matter how shitty it feels or looks on the surface.

Developing that trust that everything is happening in your favour is going to open up an entire world of instant manifesting for you.

3) We don’t focus on feeling good.

Spending your time focusing only on what’s going wrong--and not what’s going right--is a big-time block to manifesting. Now, that sounds like a super easy thing to fix, right? Just switch your focus and easy-peasy, right? Well...not exactly.

What if you find yourself in a state of panic--as in, “I have these bills to pay and I don’t have the money to pay it, so I’m just gonna worry, worry, worry, worry worry about it!”

Does this help? Not at all. In fact, you’re only going to manifest even more situations where you can’t pay your bills.

Instead, try saying something like this: “okay, right now I don’t have the money to pay these bills, so there’s nothing I can do at this very moment.” What if from there, you decide to focus on something fun in your business? Maybe connecting with a client or a colleague. Maybe even something totally unrelated, like a going for a run or a swim, or listening to music. The point here is focusing on something that makes you feel good.

Why is feeling good so important? Earlier I said gratitude is the secret sauce to manifesting, but that secret sauce is actually feeling good in general. It’s focusing on feeling as good as you can as often as you can. Why? Because….

What you focus on expands.

When you have these little mini manifestations, focus on them. Get the gratitude going and say, “yes! I’m on the right track--thank you for showing me!” Do this as much as possible.

Because if what you focus on expands, then focusing on the mini-manifestations will lead to much bigger and more tangible manifestations. (You know, like that money in your bank account?)

What if you need some additional proof that everything really is happening in your favour?

So have you ever had a time in your life when things seemed really shitty on the surface... but then they actually turned out in your favour? Think of some of the worst things that happened to you in your life--I guarantee that something really good came out of it in the end. And I bet that the greater the resistance was at the time, the bigger the breakthrough there was on the other side of it.

For example, I went to recording school and got an education that cost me tens of thousands of dollars--and I’m barely using that education now. But that education--and the experience of paying off all of that debt--got me to where I am today. When I think of all the people that I’ve met, all of the experiences that I’ve had--it has all worked out in my favour. I could never have imagined all the amazing things that came as a result of following that path. I couldn’t have written it better if I had intentionally done it myself.

Why did I bring this up? Because this exercise is another way to develop trust--trust that everything is happening in your favour, no matter what that looks like. Even if it looks like shit. It’s happening FOR you, not TO you. And this gives you proof that things have happened FOR you before.

But what if you don’t see ANYTHING happening?

You set an intention, you write it down, you wait….and you don’t see ANY sign of alignment?

When “instant manifesting” is working for everyone but you: http://bit.ly/2rXWv3n

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First, remember that it’s often a “behind-the-scenes” thing. Going back to Abraham Hicks: if you hold any thought for 17 seconds, you change your vibration. Hold it for 68 seconds and that’s when the Universe starts actually re-arranging itself to align with you. So if you focus on something that you want, the Universe starts to put it in motion, and the instant manifestations start showing up.

But what if it’s been, say, a year, and you still haven’t seen the any of the fruits of your efforts?

Chances are what you want probably knocking at your door trying to get in. And you’re blocking it.

How do you know if you’re doing that, and what can you do about it?

Here’s a couple of key things:
1) Increase your believability factor.

It’s one thing to want something to happen, but it’s another to actually believe that it can happen (and that it can happen for you). See, if you don’t really believe that what you’re wanting will happen, then it’s a LOT harder to notice any signs that it IS happening.

It comes down to the believability factor--that is, how much you believe that you actually WILL get what you desire. And it might be time to kick that believability factor up a few notches. How is this done?

Try making your goal more general, or changing the parameters.

For example, if you say, “I wanna make 6 figures this year in my business” and you really don’t believe that’s gonna happen, well, you’re probably gonna block it. (And it won’t happen.)

How about changing that statement to something like this: “I want to make 60,000 a year” or maybe “I want to make 100,000 within 2 years.” See if that makes a difference in the believability factor for you.

This isn’t dumbing down your desires. It isn’t “settling” or asking for less than you deserve. It’s just bridging the gap between what you truly want and what you believe is possible...and then taking it from there.

2) Start working on any limiting beliefs that you might have.

Another reason that you might not see anything happening would be those pesky limiting beliefs. Those old and outdated ideas that are causing you to assume that those things don’t work out in your favour. Or that you don’t deserve to get what you want. I won’t go too deeply into limiting beliefs here, but they are a big factor and were worth noting.

(And if you’d like to read a little bit more about limiting beliefs and how to squash them, check out my post on that one right here: http://leftbrainedhippie.com/limiting-beliefs )

So that’s a little bit about instant manifestation, how to recognize it, and how to appreciate it for what it is--and how to let it work for you.


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You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but
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Deny D. Ritz July 8, 2018

Hi Shelsey, I like the idea that instant manifestation is about opening up a “path” that can lead us to what we want to manifest. I agree that many people assume that instant manifestation means manifesting something overnight (though it can happen that way in some cases). Thanks for giving this point of view, I’ll keep it in mind when manifesting my next goal. Cheers!

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I really enjoyed reading this.
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