What does “ALIGNMENT” Really Mean? Part I: A New-to-the-Woo Guide

By Shelsey Jarvis

Okay, so I have to admit--I have a little confession to make. And something tells me that a lot of you might relate to this one.
Back when I first I first started learning about spirituality, inner being, and all of that stuff, I kept hearing the word “alignment”. A lot.

What Does “Alignment” Really Mean - Part I: a new-to-the-woo guide  |  Left-Brained Hippie

And I have to tell you--for months and months I had no idea what that meant.

The first time I came across that word in a book, I was like “what is that, exactly?” But then I thought, “well,..I’m just gonna keep on reading. Maybe I’ll figure it out later.”

Well, I saw it again….and I still didn’t quite have a definition.

And then it came up again and again, just about everywhere I looked in the “woo-woo” world.

At this point I felt like I should already know what it meant because everybody was saying it. It’s gotta be important, right? What am I missing here?

It made me remember when I first moved to Quebec 12 years ago.

I live in Montreal, for those of you who don’t know. And if you’re not familiar with Quebec and the Québécois, they use a lot of slang here. A lot.

They basically just compress a bunch of words together--they smush them all together to the point that they’re barely recognizable--yet the locals seem to understand each other just fine.To give you an example, “je ne sais pas”--which means “I don’t know”--becomes just “che pas”. (If you’re Québécois, you’ll totally know what I mean.)

Some of those contractions I could figure out pretty quickly--and then there were some other ones that just took me forever. It got to the point where I felt like an idiot for not knowing, so I just didn’t want to ask anymore.

I felt like I should already know what people meant because everyone was saying it.

That is exactly what it felt like when I couldn’t quite get the meaning of “alignment”. It was like, OMG, now I’m gonna have to figure out what it is on my own because I’m just too embarrassed to ask anybody!

So it was Québécois slang all over again.

So just in case you’ve ever felt like you kind of know what alignment is--or if you think you know what it is but you’re not sure why it’s such a big deal--then this is for you.

So I’m gonna answer this one right here, right now.

“Alignment” is the state where you’re vibrating at the same frequency as your Inner Being, or your Source energy.

I like to call it “GUS”--that is, God, Universe, Spirit.

We’re all vibrational beings. And when you’re vibrating at the same frequency as your GUS, that means you’re in alignment.

Now, that still might sound like a bit of a techno-babble definition. So let me say it another way.

Alignment is when you see the world the same way as your GUS does. http://bit.ly/2tTy2JP

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When you see the world through GUS’s eyes, you feel positive emotions. Things start to flow and to just work out with minimal effort. In short, life just feels good.

It might sound like a luxury. Or some sort of lofty ideal that you only get if you sit on a mountaintop and meditate for 12 hours every day. But it’s not.

Alignment is not something available only to the super-enlightened.  Alignment is the JUICE OF LIFE. http://bit.ly/2tTy2JP

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Yes, it really is that big of a deal. And in case you weren’t convinced yet, let me tell you why alignment is so important.

When you understand what alignment is and how to achieve it,

you always know if you’re taking the most direct route toward what you want--or if you’re going the long way. In other words, it helps you stay in the natural flow of life and make things happen with ease.

If you make getting into alignment your primary focus in life,

you’re basically putting your true self first. Seeing the world just like your GUS does. And that’s a beautiful and freeing thing. Why?

When you get into alignment, you can literally give zero fucks about what anyone else thinks. http://bit.ly/2tTy2JP

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You can walk around doing what you want and feeling good about it even if other people don’t approve. How amazing would that be if you could literally just trust your own guidance? And to not be constantly feeling that need for external validation?

Yeah, pretty freaking amazing.

So that’s why alignment is important.

But now you have to be wondering--if it’s that big of a deal and really DOES make everything in life so much more easy, high-vibe and happy, why isn’t everybody in it all the time?

Well, part of the problem is this: there’s an easy way to know whether or not you’re in alignment…..but we’ve gotten super conditioned to ignoring it.

It has to do with taking the time to get in touch with how we are feeling about ourselves and the world around us--basically our emotions and our thoughts.

When we take the time to actually get in touch with our emotions and feel what we feel, we have the opportunity to expand on the good stuff while releasing the not-so-good stuff, thereby allowing us to hit the same vibe as our GUS a LOT more often.

Now, let’s back up a little bit and talk about the emotional part because that’s a really crucial element here.

So GUS sees everything through a lens of appreciation and gratitude, love and light--all those “airy-fairy” emotions, as some say.

The thing is, though, we humans tend to take a critical eye to everything. We tend to basically crap on the world around us.

You know, the constant banter being things like, “I hate the president” , or “I never have enough money”, and “there are no good men”. (Just as a few examples.)

But here’s where all this kind of talk becomes problematic:

We are vibrational beings. At our most basic level, we are just vibrating molecules. And what determines that vibration is our thoughts.

So positive thoughts--the things we’re focusing on with love, appreciation, and gratitude--translate in into a high vibration. Whereas the things that we focus on with a critical eye--with judgement, anger, or any other negative thought--lead to low vibrations.

I bet you can see where I’m going with this, too. The negative emotions that you feel, then, result because you’re not vibrating at the same high frequency as your GUS.

In other words, you’re out of alignment.

So you can see how emotions play such a big part, here, right?

But let’s get to the good part. What does alignment really look like, and how will you know when you’re there?

These are the kind of things you’re gonna see:

1) Synchronicities start showing up EVERYWHERE.

You know, those moments when something pops up in your Facebook feed and you say find yourself saying, “OMG, I was just thinking about that!” Or you’re constantly seeing repeating numbers. Maybe someone pops into your head and then out of the blue they text you. Those magical little messages and winks from the Universe start to become an everyday thing.

(And in fact, you might also call that instant manifesting, which I got into on an episode a couple of weeks ago. For the entire scoop on instant manifesting, check it out right here.)

2) Things just seem to fall into your lap.

When you’re in alignment, things just seem to magically happen for you--and without a whole lot of stress or effort. Those “out of the blue” opportunities may find you--maybe somebody invites you to onto their podcast or to write a guest blog on their website. Or you might have a flash of inspiration to contact somebody just to say hi--and without any extra effort, it leads to wind up turning into an unexpected opportunity.

3) You’re not the least bit worried about the “problems” in your life.

When your alignment is strong, the everyday problems in your life don’t have all that much say.

I know that things get heavy sometimes--I’m not trying to say that they don’t. But when you’re in alignment, it makes just about anything a lot easier to get through. Why?

Because you know and you trust that everything is working out for you, not against you. No matter how bad things seem, you have that innate trust that everything really IS for a reason. Even if you can’t see what it is just yet.

4) Nothing seems to bother you.

You’re not bothered or triggered by things that otherwise might’ve sent you through the roof. Instead, you just float through your day basically feeling fucking great. (And without even trying!)

Sounds like a fluffy ideal, right? And it goes against everything you’ve probably been taught. I mean, people have surely told you things like, “Life just isn’t supposed to just feel good”, right?

Ahem, I’m sorry, but yes, it fucking is! Life is supposed to feel good.

And that is what alignment is all about.

But what about the flip side--when you’re not in alignment?

Honestly, I bet a lot of you might resonate with this part because unfortunately, feeling like this seems to be the rule rather than the exception in our world.

Let’s talk about what it looks like when you’re out of whack with your GUS.

1) You get hung up and triggered by everything and everybody.

You’re scrolling through Facebook and you’re feeling like everyone in your news feed is hurling rocks in your direction. It’s like everything you see is making you say things like “how dare she say that!” or “that bitch just got a $50,000 month!” or “fuck politics!”. It feels like a full-scale trigger-fest all the time.

2) You lash out at people for no good reason.

The first example that comes to mind here is snapping at your kids or your husband. Because if you have a spouse or kids, they’re the ones who are around you the most--and are probably gonna be the most likely to take the hit if you lash out. If you’re not in alignment you might find yourself snapping even at something pretty unimportant--say that one of your kids spills a few drops of water on the floor and it’s like “BAAAAHHH!!” And after the fact it’s like--wait, what did I blow up about?

It’s because you lost touch with your inner being. And you were seeing a situation completely differently than GUS was.

3) Everything just seems soooo hard.

It feels like you’re slogging your way through your day. Even the simple tasks feel cumbersome. You look at your to-do list and you’re like, “Oh, my fuck, this is gonna be soooo long!” Those feelings of a dread kick in and it take so much effort to get anything done.

4) You’re in a constant state of overwhelm

It feels like no matter what you’re doing, you just can’t see the clear path. Getting from where you are to where you want to seem impossible because the track lights on the path are just too dim--and it feels like you’re stuck.

5) It feels like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall and you have no idea what might stick.

You have no idea what to try because there’s no clear path--so you just try it all. Having no real idea of what will or will not work. You just start haphazardly doing stuff because relying on your actions alone to make things happen.

And let me be clear here:

And any action taken when you’re not in alignment isn’t gonna lead to alignment, guaranteed.


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6) You feel lost and powerless.

Powerlessness is one of the furthest points away from the alignment that you can possibly get. And when you feel that way, it’s pretty hard to “snap out of it” and get back to alignment, too.

Because seriously, when you’re feeling stuck and powerless, don’t you just wanna punch people in the throat when they try to be happy around you? Funny thing, but the reason why you feel that way is simply because, at the moment, you’re on such a different frequency with the happy person that you won’t be able to relate--at all.

7) Basically, you just feel awful most of the time.

Pretty much wretched in every way, shape, and form. That’s an all-encompassing statement, I know. But it’s true.

So that’s the basics of what alignment--and lack thereof--looks like.

But here’s the thing--it’s not always that black-or-white.

It looks like I’ve painted these pictures and made it clear that this is alignment, this is not, end of story. But that’s not exactly it.

I mean, we don’t just pick a frequency and stay there all the time. It sure would be nice, but alas, I doubt that anybody could be at a perfect vibe of love, gratitude, and appreciation 24/7. (If you figure out a way, tell me how.)

The truth is that you’re gonna feel a super-high love and appreciation frequency one day and then the next maybe you’ll dip a little bit to something like contentment. Maybe you’ll feel disappointment the next day. Or optimism the next.

It fluctuates, for sure.

But we do have that internal guidance system from GUS that is always looking to lead you back to your high-vibe haven, so be sure to tune into that.

Now that you know what alignment means, read part 2 to find out how to get yourself into alignment and stay there as much as possible!

Read Part II of the Alignment series here!


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