How Emotions REALLY Work….and What Manifesting Has To Do With It

By Shelsey Jarvis

Emotions… they take you over? Or are they something that you’d just rather brush under that proverbial rug?
Whether you’re the type who openly sobs over Hallmark movies or someone who’d rather eat dirt than “share your feelings”, your emotions are affecting you every moment of every day.
How Emotions REALLY Work (and What They Have to Do with Manifesting) | Left-Brained Hippie
And they might be affecting your reality in a way you never knew about, too!

See, whether you’re aware of it or not, how you’re feeling in any given moment is a pretty solid indicator of what you’re going to be able to create in the world--and for yourself.

And I’m not just talking about what you create through taking action, but also what you draw to yourself when you’re not even looking.

Here’s what I mean: emotions and feelings directly affect your personal vibration. And of course, we all know that vibration is EVERYTHING, right?

Today I’m going to share just how important it is to feel good as much as you possibly can--and why.

We’ll go into what happens when you’re vibe is up….and what to do when you just can’t seem to bust out of the low-vibe basement.

I want you to be able to notice all the feels, let them do their thing, and point them in the right direction so that you’ll be constantly drawing in all the right vibes.

And from there create the reality that you really want.

So first of all, let me ask you this…..

Do you find yourself identifying with your emotions and actually becoming them?

I mean, don’t we all say things like “I AM happy” or “I AM sad”?

The thing is, when you put the power of “I AM” in front of something, it starts to feel and sound like your emotions are who you really ARE. It feels like a permanent state of being. A long-term home instead of a pit stop.

So these feelings that supposedly take you over to the point where you put your identity on them….where did they come from, anyway?

Most people pin their feelings on what’s going on around them. In other words, what’s happening TO them.

“I am happy because I got a raise” or “I am sad because my best friend forgot my birthday”. Maybe something like “I am angry because some asshole cut me off in traffic and made me late for a super important appointment.”

What comes next? Taking action--and saying it’s the feeling’s fault. “I let my husband down because I was depressed”. Or “I yelled at my kid because I was angry”.

So let’s see: making your feelings into who you are, blaming them all on your outer circumstances, and then blaming the feelings themselves for crazy ass half-cocked action?

Who doesn’t know what that’s like? Just about everyone alive has done that at some point. Myself included.

I say we challenge each of these, one step at a time, and get to the bottom of what’s really going on with the track of the emotional trainwreck.

So let’s consider the first thing: are emotions REALLY just a response to the conditions around us?

Well, think of it this way. If that were true, wouldn’t that mean that everyone would have the same emotional reaction to everything?

For example, did everyone have the same emotional response when the last president was elected?

Ahem. No. No need to go into the extreme details there. Clearly, everyone did NOT feel the same way on November 8th.

If emotional reactions were strictly a result of outside conditions, then there’d be one big universal reaction to everything.

Are emotions just a response to the conditions around us, or something more? Read more here:
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So It’s not the condition that brings out the emotion. It’s your emotion. It’s your thoughts about it. The beliefs about it. That’s where the agony or the ecstasy comes from, not the thing itself.

In other words, it’s not the outside but the inside that counts here.

But what about that person who always seems to be bursting into emotional flames and that other one who generally floats through life like walking in that proverbial park? How is it that one person might choose to slay a dragon life throws at them while the other might dance with it?

It’s actually about every individual’s default vibration. It’s about where on the frequency scale that you hang out most of the time. That’s all that your emotions are telling you.

Emotions are simply an indication of your current vibration.

Think of them as a warning signal, like the “check engine” light or the gas gauge on your car. They’re just there to let you know what needs attention. No more, no less.

Now isn’t that little zinger already mind blowing in and of itself?

Emotions are just an indication of your current vibration (and what you’ll manifest more of). Read more here:
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I mean, think of it: you don’t have to identify as your emotions anymore. They don’t need to control you. They’re just your own personal “sixth sense”, an indication of what’s going on with your vibe.

Hallelujah to that, right?

Now, let’s take our vibe-talking back to GUS and take this even further.

Remember that GUS means “God, Universe, Spirit”. And your GUS is vibrating at the frequency of everything that you desire in this lifetime. Whether it’s freedom, abundance, money, love, it’s all the same, GUS is holding that vibrational space for your desires 24/7/365.

So when you feel positive emotions, you’re “on track” to lining up with GUS and manifesting high-vibe swag with ease.

But when you’re feeling things like powerlessness, grief, and depression, the wheels come flying off the cart pretty fast.

It’s GUS playing the “hot or cold” game with you every moment of every day.

GUS is going to let you know when you’re getting warmer or colder to the ultimate destination. And that happens through your feelings.

Your emotional sixth sense is like an internal GPS. It’ll tell you when you’re headed in the right direction, but will also hit you with a warning light when you’ve veered off course.

Now, remember that your emotions come from the thoughts and beliefs you have about a situation rather than the situation itself.

So if your thoughts are coming from a place of love or appreciation or happiness, or good vibes in general, then you’re gonna feel good. And that’s an indication that you’re vibrating at the frequency, or you’re close to the frequency where GUS is.

But if for whatever reason they’re NOT...then you probably know what’ll happen next. Serious dive into the deep end of the low-vibe pool, right?

It’s time to change what it is you can actually control, then. And it’s not the circumstances around you. It’s your response to the what shows up.

In other words, when you change the thought, you change the emotion.

(Quite possibly the biggest takeaway from our talk today--so definitely take note!)

Change the thought, and you change your emotion. Manifesting 101. Read more here:
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So let’s say that you’re day is going along well, everything is hunky-dory dandy, and then BOOM! An unexpected interruption pops up throwing all of your plans into a tailspin.

What do you do?

Now, that first thought might be a resounding “Oh, F*****K!”, right? And honestly, that one can’t always be stopped. It’s the default pattern, and it’s probably been there for as long as you’ve been thinking.

However, you do have some say with how the second thought goes. And the third, fourth, and fifth.

When you practice consciously directing your thoughts toward the higher-vibe choices, you’ll find that dealing even with big hurdles becomes less daunting.

Even better, the more you do this, the more likely you’re even going to bust up that default thought and replace it with something positive. Something that serves you. Something that GUS agrees with.

So consciously redirect that thought pattern until it’s something that you and GUS see eye-to-eye on and you’re in business.

[BTW: For more info on limiting beliefs and overcoming them, check out my blog post or my podcast episode on that very topic!]

Now you know that thoughts provoke emotions. Let’s say that you’re seeing someone in a loving, grateful, and appreciative way. How does that make you feel?

You’re probably looking like the little emoji with heart-shaped eyes. That means that you and GUS are at the same vibe, which is also known as “alignment”. This is the goal right here!

But then there’s the flip side. What if your lens is blocked with fear, hate, or anger? GUS isn’t gonna be with you on that. After all, GUS is unrelentingly positive and loving.

Sort of like that person that’s chirpy, cheery, and sparkly all the time--the one who annoys the shit out of you and that you want to punch in the face when you’re decidedly NOT feeling that way?

GUS is just like that person. And GUS will never come to meet you on your low vibration. It’s up to you to go to where IT is. And you do that by choosing to rise to a higher place on the emotional scale. There’s no other way than that.

Here’s the thing: if you want to vibe with GUS, you’re gonna have to find a way to be happy. Even before you’re rich, famous, skinny, or worldly wise.

THIS gets to be the tricky part. How can you be happy when you have no reason to be….yet?

I’m going to get into the next post. Join me next time and I’ll tell you just why it’s so important to up your vibe BEFORE you receive…..and how to actually make it happen when it’s the LAST thing you want to do.

In the meantime, how about that major newsflash about emotions? Did you have an eye-opening moment with that one? I know it hit me like gangbusters when I figured it out!

Tell me all about it in the comments below. And meet me back here to continue this talk with the next post!


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