“Happy For No Reason”: Why It’s Necessary, And How To Actually GET There

By Shelsey Jarvis

Last time we talked I dug deeply into emotions: where they come from, what they’re really all about, and how keeping them on the high end of the spectrum makes ALL the difference in what you’re attracting in life.
Take away message with all of this? Make the priority to feel good as often as possible. Get to the place where you’re seeing life like your GUS does.
“Happy For No Reason”: Why It’s Necessary, And How To Actually GET There  | Left-Brained Hippie

That means feeling gratitude and happiness….and if for no other reason just because it feels better to be happy! That’s when the Law of Attraction will start to deliver for you in spades.

That is, when you’re not attached to the outcome. When you’re happy for the sake of happy.

Not needing a reason to be happy = finding millions of reasons to be happy. Read more here:

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Now, I totally get that this is a big struggle sometimes. It goes back to that belief that feelings depend on circumstances--therefore in order to be happy, there has to be an outside reason for being happy, right?

But there’s more there, too. Trust me, I get that being happy just for the joy of it isn’t always easy.

After all, it takes effort to look at miserable situations and still find something good in it. It takes a conscious choice to say “no” to that first negative thought that is waiting to pull you into the downward spiral. And even more effort to choose something else instead.

And what if you have so much negative momentum already that turning it around feels like having to dig your way out of a coal mine?

It’s much easier to find excuses. Blame everything on the circumstances. And from there stay stuck exactly where you are.

But you don’t have to stay stuck. It really is your choice whether you stay or you go.

Now, I’m not saying that there’s never gonna be challenges, drama, or setbacks. But if you really want to make the Law of Attraction work for you, starting to feel happy no matter what--even if it’s just a little tiny bit happy to start with--is the only way to go.

Look at it this way: if you make simply feeling good as much as possible every day your biggest priority, that is where the gold is.

But when you’re trying to bargain with the Universe and tell it you’re only gonna be “high vibe” if it means you get this, that, or the other thing in return….well, that just means you’re still focused on the lack. There’s too much awareness of what you don’t have. And that’s gonna keep you stuck where you are.

Making your happiness conditional means that you’ll never experience true-blue happiness. Read more here:

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Now, I bet this is all pretty much making sense, right?

But what about those moments where you truly feel like complete shit, when your past anger and frustration and you’re closing in on grief, depression, and powerlessness?

This is where the “emotional elevator” comes in. And it’s time to hop on and push the “up” button.

Now, let’s consider the emotional spectrum itself. It starts waaaay down at the bottom with feelings like grief, powerlessness, and depression. And at the other end you have the GUS-like states of joy, gratitude, and happiness.

And if you’re on the basement floor looking upwards, the good news is that the only way is up. But the bad news is that you can’t shoot right up to gratitude immediately just by pushing a button. There’s gonna be a few floors in between.

Still, I do have more good news: you can start moving upwards, one floor at a time. And with every level you’ll get a little bit closer to GUS.

This is when you need to check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you’re feeling, and be honest about it. Let’s say right now you’re feeling frustrated. Now ask yourself this: what would the next step be above frustrated?

Maybe doubt is just a little bit better than frustrated. And the next step after that? How about boredom? And from there? Maybe the next level up is neutrality.

See how that works? Maybe feeling neutral doesn’t mean you’re gushing with sparkles and rainbows...but it sure beats frustration, right?

And even if you don’t hit the top floor on the first try, that’s OK. As long as you’re moving in the right direction. That’s what we’re going for here. Because with every step up on the emotional elevator, you’re frequency goes along with it.

So does your ability to start manifesting progressively better things than you could when you were still at the parking garage level.

Let’s take an extreme example of the lowest of the low feelings, grief and depression. Now, you can’t just shoot for the penthouse right away here and expect to get there. But maybe the next step up us anger or blame. Move up to that space first.

I know others might tell you not to feel angry. But let me tell you, sometimes anger really does feel better than powerlessness. And it’s showing you that you’re actually still alive, in the game, and able to move.

So don’t stay in anger, of course. Just see it as a stepping stone out of the dungeon.

What’s the next step, then? How about blame? Blaming others for creating a bad economy which means you’re not making any money, for example. Then maybe you move into vengeance. As in, “so and so is gonna pay for ruining the economy for all of us, give them a taste of their own medicine, and blah, blah, blah….”

So by the time you’re at vengeance, you’re in a FAR better place than you were when you felt powerless, right? Now, this is not an invitation to stay stuck in the revenge-bent mode. But it does let you know that you’re making progress. And that you’re ready for the next step up.

Think of it almost like the 5 stages of grief. You can’t expect to go from grief to acceptance in one fell swoop. You have to process the emotions in between in order to get there.

But as long as you bring awareness to your feelings, understand where you are, and from there continue moving toward the upper end of the spectrum, you’ll get there. You’ll find that alignment.

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And you and GUS will be vibing together once again.

So with all of this talk about emotions, vibrations, and GUS, what are the main takeaways that’ll serve you the most? Let’s recap:
  • Don’t make your good feels contingent on any outcome. If you’re saying things like I’ll be happy WHEN “fill in the blank” happens, you’re setting yourself up for a vibrational flop. Remember, your feelings are not attached to your conditions. Detach your feelings from your conditions. Remember, your feelings are based on your thoughts, not your conditions. So change your thoughts. And find whatever feelings you need to match up with whatever thoughts you need at any given time. That is the real power.

  • Consciously choose thoughts that make you feel as good as possible, and as often as possible. Even if you’re doing things that you hate. Find something enjoyable. Anything at all. Do what you can to keep your good thoughts going and draw yourself to that high frequency as much as you can.

  • Make your feelings your top priority. Remember, your feelings are telling you what you’re going to manifest more of, right? Make sure that as often as possible, that translates into something that you actually want. Seriously, if your gas tank was on “E”, you’d take the next opportunity to fill ‘er up, right?

  • The point here is pay attention to your feelings. Hear what they’re telling you. And make feeling the best ones your highest priority.

Keep all of these pointers in mind and let them work for you. Because the more in touch you can be with what’s going on on the inside, the lot happier your world is gonna look on the outside.

And trust me….nothing makes GUS happier than that.

Tell me, now: what do you do to keep your vibe as high as possible? When your happiness takes a dip, what do you do to kick it back up toward the GUS level as soon as possible?

Let me know in the comments below. And BTW, share any breakthroughs, realizations, or a-ha’s you had from today’s post. I’d love to hear about it!


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Kelli July 7, 2017

Love this! Thanks for such a great write-up. I need to grab hold of ‘happy’ and let the rest fall away ASAP. Thanks again. Keep it coming!

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