Should I give up on my biz? What to do when you want to throw in the towel

By Shelsey Jarvis

Feel Like Giving Up On Your Business Dreams? Read This First…..

It happens to all of us at some point. That moment when you look at your business, your life, and think, “Why the hell am I even doing this?”
Should I give up on my biz. What to do when you want to throw in the towel  | Left-Brained Hippie

Your business is flailing. It’s not even bringing you any happiness, let alone money.

When you first started, it was all excitement, inspiration, and googly-eyed idealism. Every day used to be a joyful adventure. Now you don’t even want to get out of bed.

So what happened? Does this mean your vision was a total bust and it’s time to make a plan for your life that’s more….“realistic”?

If this sounds all too familiar to you, let me tell you something right now: this is normal. It happens to everyone at some point. Emotional rollercoasters are just part of life for the adventurous entrepreneur.

It’s just that highs are higher and the lows a lot lower for those who choose this life than for the average Jane.

And here’s the thing:

no matter who you are, what you’ve done or how much money you’ve made, you’ll STILL have your moments where you’ll feel like selling out cheap, taking your football, and going home.

So why are the down times seem SO down when you’re on this ride?

Biggest reason of all: it’s YOUR business. And whatever happens in it, you’re just naturally gonna take on yourself.

Think about your days as an employee. When the company you worked for had a failed launch or a project that flopped, wasn’t it a lot easier to let it roll off your back?

Sure, you might feel a little crappy about it at first, but be honest: you probably didn’t use a failure at your old job as a reason to consider yourself a complete failure at LIFE itself.

But if YOUR launch crashed and burned, you’d probably feel like crawling under a rock, completely convinced that you sucked at life.

Maybe this has happened to you more than once. You’ve given so much of yourself in your business that there isn’t anything left. Your tank is on “empty”, and with no sign of a gas station for miles.

And then the inevitable thought crosses your mind: “Maybe I should just give up.”

Two things are happening here. First, you’re probably convinced that you failed. Second, you might think that if you give it all up, your desire to have it will disappear, too. Take the pain of failure by just quitting. And hey, you didn’t really want it that much anyway, right?

Hate to burst your bubble, but neither of these things are true.

First, about that “failure” thing…..

Let’s say you decided your next launch was gonna bring in $20,000. Without any real idea of where that number came from. Then you launch away only to crash really hard. And feel like absolute crap afterwards.

So basically you set yourself up for failure and then took the the blame for it, too.

Believe me, I’ve done that before! Taking a stab in the dark with some dollar figure I pulled out of my ass…. and being upset when it all came tumbling down. Making an “educated guess” without the education.

But here’s the deal: when it’s your business, you set the goals. That means it’s up to YOU to decide whether you met them or not.

Sounds a lot more empowering, huh?

Don’t make yourself hopeless for not achieving a “goal”. It’s up to you to determine your goals. And whether or not you made them.

And remember this: failures aren’t actually failures at all. They’re just goals that haven’t been met yet. Just because you didn’t get that 6 figure year this time doesn’t mean that you never will.

And how about that idea that if you give up, your desire will disappear in a puff of smoke right along with your ambition?

If you feel that quitting will squelch your heart’s desire, I have some bad news for you. Just your feeling like quitting won’t make your dreams disappear. If you’re still gnashing at the bit for but you quit anyway, it’s only gonna make you feel that...much...worse.

Not much of a case for quitting here, is there?

So when you’re convinced that it’s time to throw in the towel, what does it feel like? It’s usually one of two possible self-destructive paths….

1)You either close down, check out, and mope around.

No motivation, no energy, and no change. You resent everything, it’s sucking the life out of you, and you’re not doing anything to stop it. (It’s that “can’t be fucked to do anything” energy!)

2)You decide it’s time to hunker down and power through.

You think that all you need to do is crank out more stuff, take massive action, and go, go, GO and everything will be OK again!

Pretty dismal picture in either case, isn’t it?

So let’s get to the real issue: why is it that people ever feel like quitting?

Over the years, I’ve identified a few recurring reasons….

1) You’re out of alignment.

Maybe something you’re doing isn’t lining up with your values. Maybe you have a nagging belief in your head telling you that it’s greedy to want money. Or that you don’t deserve money for whatever reason. These could be limiting beliefs disguised as values. And they’re gonna trip you up every time.

What if you’re attempting to build a business that secretly isn’t what you really want? For example, say you’re working round-the-clock to build a 1:1 coaching business when what you really want is to live off the grid for weeks at a time. You can see how the two are incompatible. Your business is gonna feel lethargic and cumbersome. And it just won’t “click”.

2) It’s harder than you thought it would be.

Now I’m all for making things in business easy and flowy. But it does take action to get a business going! (Inspired action, of course, but action nonetheless!) And when you see all of these flashy, glamorous claims out there that making money online is as easy as the click of the button and you take that to heart….well, all I can say about that is a respectful LOL.

I’m not saying that it can’t have ease and flow to it. But no matter who you are, making money online is more than pushing a button. And no matter who makes what claim, you’ve gotta remember that even with big successes, there’s a lot more to the story than what you see in a pretty snapshot on Instagram.

Which brings me to my next point!

3) Comparisonitis.

You see these business owners in your news feed with their polished brand photos, proclaiming they made 6 figures in 6 months. And you start to think that you’re gonna be the next 6 figure unicorn, too (only maybe in 4 weeks this time!).

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for quantum shifts and miracles. But for 99% of people, it takes a little bit more than that.

See, the problem isn’t dreaming big. The problem is making it mean that you’re a failure if it DOESN’T happen for you. Because that’s not true at all.

That’s just comparisonitis butting in where it doesn’t belong. Don’t take it seriously. (In fact that’s the topic of next week’s podcast, so look out for that!)

And the MOST important one of all….

4) You no longer feel inspired about your business.

There was so much excitement and possibility when you started. But now when you’ve gotten “into the weeds” of it all, so to speak, it’s all gotten real. There’ve been disappointments. Failures. A lot of money and energy invested for little or no return. No wonder it feels like a drag, right?

The biggest dangers here become fear and resentment. That combination of panic and anger when you put something out there that is saying, “This better work! People better buy my shit, or else…”

Sorry to say, but if that vibe is there, people are gonna know.

I know you’re tired. I know you might’ve lost the joy of your business. But if you’re not doing what you’re doing for the joy of it anymore, you can’t make it better by pushing harder and becoming more resentful.

When you start giving with the expectation of receiving rather giving because it feels good to give, people are going to smell it. You’re going to resent them for it. And it’ll probably go all downhill from here.

Pretty scary picture, huh?

But there IS hope.

You CAN get aligned, inspired, and back on track again. Here are three tips to find your happy and get back on the horse again…

1) Step AWAYYY from the computer.

Close down your business for a few days. Yes, you read that right! Maybe even a few weeks. Close your laptop. Delete the Facebook app. Stop worrying about content creation, emails, or newsfeeds. Set up email autoresponders and let them do the work.

In other words, give yourself some damn space to THINK. (Yes, it’s THAT important.)

Here’s the thing: you just don’t realize how clogged your thinking gets until you take yourself out of the online traffic jam for a while. There’s this “death by 1000 cuts” that is taking up your mental space whether you know it or not. Constant noise. Several cumulative mini-triggers in your newsfeed that might not be a problem individually but together can be disastrous.

It’s then that you start to see just how bogged down you’ve been in the little details. Exhausting yourself with little decisions. And you can’t see the big picture anymore.

That’s survival mode. That’s basically living paycheck to paycheck in your business. And I know that’s not what you signed up for.

So for now, delete the Facebook app off your phone. Stop scrolling your newsfeed. Back away from emails, pings, and notifications. You’re gonna be amazed at all this mental energy that suddenly becomes available to you….and how much clearer the big picture becomes.

2) Start building some positive momentum.

Right now you might be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and defeated. You don’t need any more of that. So get away from the bad juju as fast as you can.

Now, the bad news is that the negativity train doesn’t turn on a dime. The good news, though, is that you can get it back on track and going the other way. So when you step away from the computer, do something that builds up the positive momentum, one step at a time.

And sometimes, building up positive momentum means starting with something that is NOT related to your business.

Start with an area of your life that feels effortless. Where it’s easy to have fun. We’re talking about getting into alignment with your source again (remember good ol’ GUS?).

You know those moments where you’re stewing over a problem all day, you finally say “fuck it, I’m just gonna go take a shower and come back to this later”?

Isn’t it at that moment when the solutions shows up out of nowhere?

That’s what I’m talking about. You’ve let go. Stopped focusing on the lack. And gave those downloads from the Universe a chance make their way to you.

(Guess that’s why they call them “shower ideas”, huh?)

3) Allow the inspiration to hit...or not!

So when you picture the scene--that moment when THE idea comes--what does it look like? Do you hear the voice of God and a earth-shattering thunderclap? A chorus of angels singing right on cue? Well, maybe that’ll happen. And maybe not.

Sure, your big moment might come the Hollywood way. But then again, it might be a quiet little suggestion that floats into your ear on a random Tuesday afternoon, too.

The what’s the same here? No matter how it shows up, those moments FEEL the same. Alignment.

Resonance. All those woo-woo words finally make sense. Whether it was to the tune of loud fanfare or soft whispers.

So when it hits, know it when you see it.

And write it down. In a notebook. In your phone. On a napkin. Even if that idea seems beyond crazy and impossible. Even if you don’t have a freaking clue how you’d ever pull it off. You don’t have to know how it’s possible. Or even IF it’s possible right now. Write it down anyway.

When an idea hits you, like the details are coming faster than you can write, that’s when you take action. This is that all-important aligned action. It’s everything coming to fruition. It’s the Universe acting through you. And you don’t have to do anything.

So don’t try to force inspiration to show up. Because the harder you try, the more you focus on the lack of inspiration. And you know what happens with what you focus on, right? (Spoiler alert: it expands!)

Don’t worry if it doesn’t come right away. Change up your activities and go do something that feels good. All worrying does is chase off inspiration with a stick. And that’s not what I want for you!

So just to recap, when you feel like giving up, do this first:

  • Step away from the computer and unplug for a while

  • Build up positive momentum by doing things that feel good to you (preferably NOT related to your business)

  • Allow the inspiration to hit. And in its OWN time.

Remember, you’re only going to attract more of how you feel. And when you really do feel like giving up and those feelings make you give in, you’re only gonna go deeper down a vibrational rabbit hole.

But it doesn’t have to go that way.

Give yourself permission to let go, chill out, and get back to yourself again. Do anything that’ll make you feel that happy vibe. And be ready for when that moment comes when you’re ready to go back to it all, this time even more high-vibe and aligned than ever before.

Nothing makes good ol’ GUS happier than that!

What do you think? And major insights or a-ha moments? Was I able to talk you down from the ledge? I want to hear from you!

Leave me a comment if you’re feeling like packing it in and I’ll ping you with a little bit of high-vibe love!


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