How to Unfuck Your Business

By Shelsey Jarvis

There are like, a gazillion types of coaches out there, #statingtheobvious.

And some of them are touting some pretty sexy benefits. 6 figures! High-converting funnels! Booked out coaching programs! Free cupcakes! (okay I might have gone one too far).
How to Unfuck Your Business - The REAL reasons you’re not making progress  |  Left-Brained Hippie

There’s no doubt that strategy plays a role in your success. Knowing how to create things that your audience will gobble up like mad is a specialized skill. Knowing how to market them, write copy, and sell your products or services are all things you need as an entrepreneur.

But what good is knowing what to do if you don’t actually do it?

This is the problem I’m seeing errrrrrrywhere.

People investing thousands of dollars in coaching, consultants, and strategists, but completely ignoring their mindset.

Think of it this way:

If your strategies and marketing tactics are the wheels of your car, your mindset is the engine.

WTF do you mean by mindset?

If you’re rolling your eyes, and thinking that I mean the “rah rah” “just get ‘er done” type of mindset work, you’re WAY off. In fact, that kind of stuff just makes me cringe, because it misses the whole point…

…if it were that easy to “just do it”, then everybody would.

If it were as simple as “just do it”, then everybody would. There’s more to it than that:

But the fact is, every day I see people who are intelligent and have all the tools and resources they need, but yet they’re spinning their wheels. They’re spending hours and hours every day working on their business, and yet somehow their to-do list is longer at the end of the day. Their families are resentful of how much time they spend on their business. Maybe they’re even making good money, but it just doesn’t feel like that exotic “laptop lifestyle” they were sold on.

Do some people just not have what it takes?

I genuinely believe that everyone could make it in entrepreneurship. That’s not to say that everyone should want to; the world needs employees too, and that’s fine.

But the problem is, most people who are trying to build a business are trying to use massive action to compensate for the fact that they don’t really believe they can have it, or even that they deserve it.

That’s right; deep down, when you peel away all the layers of makeup, followers, subscribers, and social proof, most people simply don’t believe they’re worthy of being madly successful.

Or, they may even believe that they’d be worse off if they get too successful. Kinda fucked up, right? But stick with me here.

Why would anyone not want to be successful?

Let’s start with the fact that most people think rich, successful people are assholes who take advantage of the rest of the population. They stole, cheated, and manipulated their way to the top. They don’t do anything to deserve it, and it’s unfair to the rest of us.

Ringing any bells?

If you’re a nice person (and I assume you are), chances are you don’t want money to corrupt you. So if you believe on ANY LEVEL that it will, you’ll push it away every chance you get.

After all, what would your parents think? What would your friends think? Your neighbours? *gasp*

We all want people to like us. So if we think that having money and success would make us unlikeable, we won’t go after it. Read more:
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Why do people believe they aren’t worthy of success?

This one’s SUPER tricky, because it doesn’t only show up in people with obvious self-esteem issues.

Are you putting successful people on a pedestal, and seeing them as “superhuman”? How would you act if you met someone you really admire? Would you be able to see them as a normal person, or would you go completely gaga and forget how to speak English?

That’s one symptom of not feeling worthy of their level of success.

It can happen when you grow up with parents who expect too much or too little of you. It can happen when you’re constantly forced to compete for attention as a child. It can happen when you have a shameful or humiliating experience around being visible, or even around money.

Another angle on this is a lack of belief that you can really have the kind of success you want.

After all, if you don’t believe you can have it, how likely are you to go after it? Why put in all that effort if you’re sure it’ll fail? You won’t. Instead, you’ll procrastinate, you’ll get hung up on perfectionist details, you’ll spend 6 months creating the perfect website before even getting your first client.

You’ll delay your success, because you’re afraid of it or believe you don’t deserve it.

How does hard work fit into all this?

Pretty much all of my clients are working WAY too much when they start with me. They’re usually making money, but they can’t seem to get off the hamster wheel they created for themselves. They feel trapped in their business, and unable to cut down their hours.

Their passion has basically become their prison.

When you work that hard, and have to fight for every dollar, it’s because you believe it has to be that way.

“But Shelsey, it’s TRUE! I have no choice but to work a ton and fight for money, otherwise it won’t come!”

And that’s where I want you to keep an open mind for a hot minute.

See, we grow up with all kinds of fucked up beliefs around money and hard work.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“You have to work hard for what you want”

“You have to earn every dollar”.

We also learn at an early age to attach time or effort with money. More hours worked, the more money you’re “allowed” to have.

Says who?

Says your parents, your teachers, your employers, or anyone else you learned your work ethic from.

So what ends up happening is you literally create extra distractions and tasks to do so that you “work hard enough to deserve your success”.

Think I’m wrong?

Imagine how it would feel to announce to an auditorium of your friends, family, and everyone you’ve ever met that you’re a millionaire who only works 10 hours a week.

Feel that gut punched feeling? Who would you NOT want to tell that news to? If you’re working too hard for your money, then there’s a subconscious reason for it.

How mindset work fits into all this

When your family sees the back of your phone more than they see your face, that’s no bueno (and no doubt they’ve made it clear they want more of you).

You REALLY want your business to work, but you can’t keep letting your relationships and your life deteriorate…especially since there’s not really a light at the end of the tunnel.

The mistake a lot of people make is saying “I’ll fix my relationships as soon as my business is rolling”. Spoiler alert: that’s not how it works.

So what’s a gal to do?

Well, it’s not enough to just say, “I’m only going to work 10 hours this week”, or “I’m going to book 10 calls”.

We all know the steps that need to be done to get to the next level, but you’re not doing them because it doesn’t fit with your current paradigm. Read more:
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Behaviours are just symptoms of the beliefs you’re holding onto.

You simply won’t be consistent with a behaviour unless you change the underlying belief.

The good news

It’s not all doom and gloom; once you shift the beliefs to ones that support your goals (instead of undermining them), you’ll find it shockingly easy to work a LOT less, do those big scary tasks you’ve been putting off (like client follow-ups, invoices, live streaming, or webinars), and bring more money consistently.

So together, we actually CHANGE your paradigms. We expand your beliefs of what’s possible for you. We shift your beliefs about money, self-worth, and success so that they’re in alignment with the life you want.

Think of yourself as a computer. Your brain is the software. The software is basically the decisions you’ve “automated” about how the world works.

If your brain was still running Windows 95, you’d be having serious issues getting anything done, amirite? I mean, it was appropriate at the time, and it served its purpose, but eventually, that programming is no longer useful.

So you need to update the software. Install new programming that fits where you are in your life NOW.

If your “programming” is from the age of 6 when your parents were working 3 jobs and still barely scraping by, you would have automated a decision that “money is hard to come by and you have to work really hard for it”.

Or maybe your programming is from the age of 8 when the rich kid at school stole your lunch was “rich people take advantage of others”.

As an adult, your life circumstances have changed. You have more power over your life than you did as a child. But most people never update their software, so they’re still running on “automated decisions”, and old programming that hasn’t been relevant for years.

Working way too hard. Resenting rich people.

Get what I mean?

Let’s start updating your software. Check out all the ways I can help you with this!


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