10 Spiritual Laws for Outrageous Alignment in Life and Business

Lemme guess…  

You started out with bright and shiny dreams of starting an online business. Everywhere you look, you’re seeing someone else making 5 figs a month (or more!), so you thought,  

“How hard can it be?”  

So you set out to rule the world, only to find  

  • You’re constantly frustrated at yourself for not reaching your goals
  • Constantly taking crap jobs and difficult clients “because you need the money”
  • You find yourself snapping at your loved ones for no good reason, because you’re taking your desperation out on them
  • It feels impossible to finish what you start before abandoning it for a newer, shinier project You can’t help but wonder “when the hell is it gonna be my turn?”  

Yeah. Not exactly what you had in mind, I’m guessing.

See, the thing that people don’t tell you before you start a business, is that your success isn’t dependant solely on the action you take.  

Business is 10% action, and 90% alignment.  

Whoa, bold statement there.  

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”

-Albert Einstein

See that quote up there? Einstein was referring to the fact that any action you take from a place of misalignment from your source, will NOT lead to solving the problem.  

Einstein wasn’t just book-smart--he had the alignment thing downpat.  

He knew that it was useless to take action from a place of fear, desperation, anger, or any other negative mindset. He knew that it would only lead to perpetuation of that same mindset.  

Which brings me to why alignment is so crucial. Here’s what happens when you take action from a place of spiritual alignment:  

  • Things just seem to “work” without a lot of effort on your part...suddenly there’s no lack of time or resources, things just appear when you need them.
  • Bounce back from the daily plot twists of your life in record time--unless you prefer staying stuck? (didn’t think so)
  • Be on the receiving end of syncronycities that put the right people on your path, the love in your life, and money in your pocket
  • Cut the constant cycle of lack and scarcity--there really IS enough for everyone.
  • Everyone around you starts treating you differently--the way you actually want to be treated!
  • Become an endless source of creativity, motivation, and joy

The only problem is, you’ve TRIED to “get in alignment”, and it didn’t exactly look the way I described it…  

  • Things actually started taking a turn for the WORSE when you tried to be all "spiritual and shit"
  • It didn’t work as well for you as it seemed to for others around you
  • You took a big leap of faith, only to have it blow up in your face
  • You could never decipher when to follow your gut, and you ended up making the wrong choices  

And it just made you want to cross your arms and call BS on all of it.  

Although many people love to say that the universe is just “testing” you, I think that’s completely false. When we’re on the receiving end of experiences that we perceive as “tests”, it’s only because you’ve still got some of that negative vibe hanging around, and those so-called “tests” are actually just manifestations of active vibrations.  

Lemme back up for a second and introduce myself…  

I’m Shelsey, and I’m #alignedAF....but I definitely wasn’t always that way.  

Before I started learning about all this “woo woo” stuff, I was just the average 20-something, working minimum wage at a job she hated, searching for “my thing”.  

Ever since I was a kid, I knew that I was meant to do big things. But as I got older, and started allowing the constructs of modern society to dictate my decisions, I felt myself fading further and further into the background. I got married and had 2 beautiful kiddos, and faded further still.  

I knew I was an entrepreneur at heart, and I tried a lot of different businesses. From teaching audio recording, to selling makeup, I was searching for that thing that would make me feel so completely fulfilled, and allow me to achieve my wildest dreams.  

I got sadder and sadder, building up to a head after I had my daughter. At that point, I’d already started delving into personal development books, but all it did was force me into ACTION...nobody ever told me the importance of alignment, so I just worked my ass off until I burned out, and succumbed to postpartum depression.  

One day, I looked up and realized my baby girl was 6 months old, and I felt like I’d barely spent any time with her, even though we were together constantly. I was always on my phone, on the computer, TAKING MASSIVE ACTION like they’d told me to…  

...and still making little money to show for it.  

It was around that time that I started stumbling on some more spiritual reads, like Abraham Hicks. This concept of “alignment” was introduced to me. At first, I'll be honest--I didn't understand what it meant. It was a fuzzy concept, out there in "woo woo" land.

But once I really GOT it, things started clicking into place more quickly, and with less action than I’d ever taken!  

I went from never earning more than a couple thousand per year in my businesses, to creating 30k of business revenue in 8 months, while working LESS.  

And that doesn’t count all the other money and fun stuff that appeared in my life!  

The secret? Alignment.  

I learned how to honour what felt good to me. I learned how to stop trying to do what worked for everyone else, and trust my intuition. I learned when to take action, and when to hang back and wait for divine instruction.  

Taking time to get into alignment before taking action has put me on track for 6 figures this year, when just 2 years ago I was still fighting to make 1k a month, working practically 24/7.  

That’s batshit insane, y’all. And I’m grateful for every bit of it.  

So I started teaching others how to do what I did. It didn’t take any time at all before they started noticing more clients, more money, more opportunities, and more fulfillment in their relationships as well.  

Being a left-brained hippie, I just HAD to see if I could boil this down into some sort of “formula”.  

Something that you could follow. Not so that you can have the exact same results I did, but so that you can open up your OWN channels for greatness.  

I’m not gonna tell you how to manifest $500 by Friday so you can make rent.  

I’m not gonna tell you how to make $5000 this month.  

That’s the shit that keeps you in survival mode, and I’m not interested in that.  

I’m interested in showing you how to…  

  • Be an endless source of creativity so that you can create money on demand, anytime you want.
  • Never have to hustle to get what you want--you can magnetically attract it to you!
  • Feel damn good wherever you are, without relying on others to act the way you want them to (because that never works and you know it)  

#alignedAF: the 10 Laws for Outrageous Alignment in Life and Business  

Get insider access to the wisdom of the WHOLE FREAKIN’ UNIVERSE by making yourself a vibrational match to receiving it  

Join the course for $1*  

*$1 is for a 14-day trial period in the Woo Crew. You may cancel free of penalty at any time, and if you do not cancel after 14 days, you will be charged your first monthly membership fee. If you choose to cancel, no hard feelings--but you will lose access to the #alignedAF course, so make sure you take advantage of the trial period!  

Here’s what you’ll get in the course:  

  • 12 course videos to explain each of the laws (and then some) to help you fully understand and integrate them into your daily life
  • Short daily assignments to keep you moving into alignment more and more every day
  • PDF cheat sheets of each video so that you can always keep them at hand for easy reference  

For just $1, you’ll receive a 14-day trial in the Woo Crew, which is a monthly membership community for Woo-Curious female entrepreneurs and creatives.  

In the Woo Crew:  

  • Exclusive (and ridiculously fun and supportive) FB community for support, encouragement, and high-fiving each others’ magic
  • Bi-Weekly group coaching calls, where you can claim a hot seat and get some laser coaching
  • Self-study courses to help you grow your business in a way that feels inspired and aligned
  • Exclusive masterclasses  

Aaaaaaand, as a special goodie, you’ll get THIS snazzy bracelet when you complete the course within 14 days!**  

Ready to get #alignedAF for just $1?

 **must email shelsey@leftbrainedhippie.com to claim, and you must have completed all the exercises. You get it regardless of your decision to stay in the Woo Crew after the trial period ends.

I’m ridiculously confident that you’ll love this course AND the Woo Crew, but if you’re not jiving with us, no biggie. Cancel before the trial period is finished, and you won’t be charged the monthly fee--EVER.  

I’m not in the business of “convincing” people to stay who aren’t into it, so you’ll never have to worry about that.  

(We may ask why you decided to cancel, but we’ll honour your request regardless of your answer.)  

So basically, you’ve got nothing to lose, and an #alignedAF life to gain.  

At this point, you might be wondering how this is different from other “manifesting” courses out there.  

Let’s break it down:  

Other courses focus on short-term manifesting tactics that actually do more damage than good. They keep you in survival mode, and when you DON’T manifest what you want, it leaves you feeling desperate and like “this stuff doesn’t work”.  

#alignedAF may only be a 10-day course, but it’s long-term focused. You might start seeing instant results, but that’s not the end goal. We're trying to get you OUT of survival mode, right? It’s kinda like going for the fad diet or the long-term sustainable lifestyle change...I know which one I prefer!  

Other courses focus on figuring out what to ask for, getting clear on what you want, and creating vision boards and spending hours focused on the things you want…  

#alignedAF doesn’t do that at ALL, because the truth is, your spirit already knows what you want, even if YOU don’t feel you know. You don’t have to spend your entire day “asking” for what you want--you just have to get out of your own way and let yourself receive it!  

Believe it or not, your source is trying like hell to lead you to what you want. When you’re vibrating on the same frequency as your source, you’ll start noticing a flood of abundance coming in, whether you’re looking at a vision board or not.  

Other courses focus on the ACTION you should be taking to manifest the life you want.  

#alignedAF focuses more on the act of getting into alignment. Because once you’re in alignment, you don’t need me (or anyone else) telling you what to do--you will KNOW.  

Ready to get #alignedAF for $1?  

Got Q’s I can A?  

Q: Ugh, not another membership site! Why would I want to join this?  

A: I hear you. I’ve been a member of some really lackluster memberships (not gonna name names), so I know the disappointment that comes with feeling totally let down when the only content that’s in there is basically the free stuff they regurgitated from their social media, and the community is no more than just a bunch of people who are paying money each month to the same person.  

Although my members rave about the content that’s available in the membership, they all agree that the community is really why they’re Woo Crew lifers. It’s a place where we go to share our challenges, hold each other up, and celebrate the wins. The group calls are a blast, and you will ALWAYS leave with a golden nugget that was exactly what you needed to hear right at that moment, whether you’re in the hot seat or not.  

Q: What kind of results can I expect in only 10 days?  

A: Let me be clear--your entire life isn’t likely to shift in 10 days. You’re never “done” working on yourself, but this course will give you a solid platform that you’ll be able to continue to integrate long-term. It’s based on beliefs and principles, not on a whole bunch of action steps (your to-do list is long enough).  

It’s totally possible (even likely!) that you’ll notice some opportunities and “lucky” coincidences as you do this course, and it’s also possible that the external will appear to stay the same. But trust in the fact that it’s working--it’s all working, as long as you keep at it.  

Q: Do I get to keep this course if I cancel my Woo Crew membership?  

A: Nope, sorry. This course is a part of the Woo Crew membership, so if you decide to cancel, you’ll lose access.  

Q: Do I still get the cool bracelet if I cancel my membership?  

A: Yup! The bracelet is my way of saying “thank you” for completing the course--not for staying a member :)  

Q: Say I love the course, and the Woo Crew…what happens after the trial?  

A: If you want to stay a member, there’s nothing you have to do. After the 14-day trial, you’ll be charged $29/month, and you can stay as long as you like to dig into more courses, and be a part of this growing community!  

Ready to get #alignedAF for just $1?  

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and assume that if you’re still reading, it’s because shit’s broken in your life, and you just can’t figure out which way is up.  

...Wondering who to listen to.  

...Wondering whether or not I can help you.  

...Wondering if this will be any different from all the other courses you’ve bought that didn’t do squat for you.  

Do me a solid right here, right now:  

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Think of something that makes you insanely happy, like puppies or your kids.  

Then ask yourself, “Is this course going to lead me closer to what I want?”, and listen for an answer.  

If you can genuinely say from a place of love and peace, “no, I don’t need this course”, then don’t hit that buy button. (if you’re still in “but what if…” mode, then try again--that’s your fear talking!)  

But if you feel that swelling, joyous feeling of peace, and it’s screaming at you to say YES, then don’t waste any more time talking yourself out of it.  

Join me for #alignedAF, and I can’t wait to get to know you!