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Hey, I’m Shelsey, and I help female online entrepreneurs clear the mindset gremlins that are sabotaging you from the inner corners of your brain. Join me in the Left-Brained Hippies Facebook community!

One Question You MUST Answer to Escape the Hustle Hamster Wheel

By Shelsey Jarvis

One Question You MUST Answer to Escape the Hustle Hamster Wheel | Left Brained Hippie

Success is a product of your daily habits. It’s not one grand sweeping gesture that happens overnight, it’s the product of millions of decisions made over time.You’ve heard of the types of habits successful entrepreneurs follow: Morning routines, consistent networking, creating connection and value, fostering trust between you and your audience, selling, etc.Although the strategies […]

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How to Unfuck Your Business

By Shelsey Jarvis

How to Unfuck Your Business - The REAL reasons you’re not making progress | Left-Brained Hippie

There are like, a gazillion types of coaches out there, #statingtheobvious.And some of them are touting some pretty sexy benefits. 6 figures! High-converting funnels! Booked out coaching programs! Free cupcakes! (okay I might have gone one too far). There’s no doubt that strategy plays a role in your success. Knowing how to create things that […]

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