Group Options

The Woo Crew is for you if:

  • You want a low-cost way to have the best of self-study AND group coaching
  • You're jonesin' for a high-vibe place on the net where you can be YOU--no hiding, pretending, or competing necessary.
  • You love having a place to get personalized and actionable advice for a no-brainer price point
  • You enjoy the Left-Brained Hippie group, and you're ready to level up and learn more about manifesting, EFT, and integrating spirituality in your business and life

Inspired Action Accelerator Program is for you if:

  • MULTIPLY your income this year (no more teeny-tiny incremental increases!)
  • Cut through the busywork and learn exactly what to focus on for exponential results
  • Create the crucial mental and emotional shifts you need to step into a TRULY successful entrepreneur
  • You want LIVE coaching to help accelerate your progress and see your blind spots
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