Unfuck Your Business Coaching

Unfuck your Business.

There's no shortcut to success, but there's sure as hell a straight line. Stop getting caught up in the detours.

I see you, girl.

You’re over there with your laptop, working furiously all hours, and thinking “if I just work REALLY HARD this month, next month will be easier” (except you’ve been saying that for months...or maybe even YEARS).

Maybe you've given up on the idea that your business should be fun, and you’re just gritting your teeth to get it it done so that you can start living your dream life already (you won't admit it though--it's not good marketing to say you resent the hell out of your biz)

Furiously working to check off those to-do list items, and STILL going to bed feeling like a failure because somehow you ended up with a longer list than you started with--WTF??

Constantly second-guessing yourself, you're unsure of who you’re really trying to please (it sure as hell isn’t YOU).  

Feeling guilty for neglecting your hubby when you work too much, and guilty for slacking when you take time off.  

LOSE-LOSE situation, right there.

Your business is supposed to be fun.

Yes, FUN. Maybe not 100% of the time, but when you’ve got your mindset in the game, there will be very few moments that actually feel like “work”.

What if you could…

  • Step off the hamster wheel and actually enjoy the fruits of your labour? 
  • Feel a sense of satisfaction instead of panic or defeat at the end of the day, because you actually got shit done and moved the needle?
  • Work LESS so you can hang out with your hubby and kids more? (they're sick of seeing the back of your phone)
  • No longer have to take any client with a pulse and a credit card...and actually CHOOSE who you work with?
  • Live in a steady stream of inspiration—no more creative block!

I’m not talking about some new marketing strategy. I’m not talking about a get-rich-quick gimmick. I’m not talking about the latest time management hacks.

I’m talking about your MINDSET.

If I asked you what’s standing between you and your dream life, I’m guessing you’d say...

“There’s just never enough time in the day to get everything done.”

Between your business, household chores, your family, friends, and--oh yeah--YOU, it just feels like such a heavy burden to try to fit it all in. And it just makes you feel like a failure every time you think about all that still needs to be done.

“I can’t afford the tools and help I need to make progress faster.”

This one hits hard. Because it feels so damn TRUE. After all, maybe your bank account actually IS empty (or overdrawn) at the moment. So it makes it really extra scary and hard to justify when you see something that you KNOW would help you, but you just can’t seem to go through with it.

“I just get so overwhelmed and I end up procrastinating.”

Maybe you KNOW that doing a webinar would give your sales an adrenaline boost, and that would do WONDERS for your confidence and your life...if you could just get started. But between the fear of screwing it up, the amount of work involved, and your love/hate relationship with technology, you just keep finding reasons why “now’s not the time”. 

“I keep trying to implement strategies that other people are doing successfully, but it’s just not coming together for me.”

You’ve taken ALL THE COURSES, you’ve read blogs, you’ve listened to podcasts and audiobooks galore--and all it does is give you a temporary boost of motivation that fizzles out a week later (if that).

There are countless more reasons, I could go on. 

And believe me, I get it. 

It’s just not happening.

All those courses you took, books you read, and strategies you’ve been trying to do?

They will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for you if your mindset is in the gutter.

First, let’s buck the “mindset myth”.

What’s the mindset myth?

Well, most people think that mindset means…

Setting huge goals for yourself because you should “think big!”

Goal-setting is important. But most people do it in such a way that actually ends up creating a FEAR of goal-setting. Don’t believe me? Ask 10 entrepreneurs if they set a goal last quarter, and 9 of them will say no. And when you're constantly "failing" to meet your goals, it chips away at your confidence and creates deeply-seeded limiting beliefs that affect how you make future decisions.


Discipline is another word for PUNISH. Do you really want a business where you need to PUNISH yourself to make things happen? No. While I agree that there is action required to create a business, when you're working on your MINDSET, the action comes from a place of inspiration and there's a lot less action to DO.

Listen up, because this can change your world if you let it: When you’ve nailed the mindset piece, you don't really need much discipline.

Mindlessly repeating affirmations that you don’t really believe

I’m ALL FOR affirmations--when they’re done the right way (and yes, there’s a wrong way). But most people just read them a few times a day (usually not even consistently) and expect their life to change. And then they throw in the towel and say "that 'universe' stuff is bullshit, it didn't work for me".

Okay, so what IS mindset then?

Being inspired EVERY. FREAKIN. DAY.

When you’ve got a high-vibe mindset, you’re on the “inspiration channel” and you’re open to receiving the “HOLY SHIT that’s a good idea!” moments. Those moments where it feels so easy because it’s like you just “downloaded” the information to act on, is when you KNOW you’re in the right frequency. Those ideas are what lead you down the most direct path to success--when you’re open to them and willing to act.

Knowing that the universe has your back.

That “knowing” that everything will work out, because the universe is actually conspiring FOR you and WANTS you to succeed and create more. Wouldn’t it be sweet to be able to act without fear that things will all fall apart (or at least have the best tools to DEAL with the fear)?

Clearing out all the “mindset gremlins”.

Whether you realize it or not, your subconscious mind picked up lots of ideas about money and success when you were just a kiddo. Those ideas are most likely still influencing you today, and they’ll continue to sabotage you until you bring them out into the light and clear them away.

Using your thoughts create your reality

There’s a LOT to this one.

And the magic thread that ties it all together? ENERGY. We’re all just vibrating molecules and our lives take shape depending on what frequency we vibrate. Sound crazy? I used to think so too. But it's true--you are one powerful muthafucka. You are already manifesting and creating your reality, you just haven't been doing it consciously.

If all of this sounds insane, believe me, I used to be right there with you.

In fact, this is a good time to introduce myself.

My name is Shelsey, and I’m a former Catholic-turned-atheist-turned-left-brained-hippie.

I’ve been in both extremes--growing up in a Catholic family, and then later being so turned off of organized religion that I rebelled against it. 

For many years, I subscribed to the belief that everything that happens on this earth is totally random, and we’re all just crawling on it like ants.

I couldn’t have been more wrong, but it took me years to open my mind to the possibility that I didn’t know everything (typical 20-something, amirite?)

Then a few years ago, I read a book that referenced “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles. And that was the first time I started to understand that there was more to this universe that I didn’t understand.

But my problem was this: 

I was totally into dipping my toes into the spiritual stuff. 

I believed there was something to it.

But all of this “Get aligned with your higher self” and “Set an intention to be grateful today” meant nothing to me--I needed the step by step, dammit.

So after reading books, taking courses, and inventing my own exercises, I started to figure it out little by little. And after a while, I was a manifesting maniac. It almost became like a party trick of sorts--I’d manifest things so regularly, my entrepreneur friends kept telling me, “you’ve GOT to teach other people this stuff”.

So here I am!

What’s life like when your mindset is on point?

  • Receiving money EASILY in your business (without the gut-punched "that was too easy" guilt, or the need to work yourself into the ground)
  • The ability to decide to take time off WHENEVER you want without fear that you’re falling behind, or that your business will lose momentum. Go do something you love!!
  • Suddenly everything seems to be working out in your favour, as if the world has rolled out the red carpet just for you
  • More breathing room so that you can have that ease and flow in your business. 
  • Actually fall asleep at night instead of laying awake stressing about everything that didn’t get done
  • You're an endless source of inspired ideas, and you know exactly which ones already have momentum

And let me tell you--no matter where you are right now, it IS actually possible for you to get here.

Unfuck Your Business Coaching

Clear your limits, train your brain to expect success, and escape the chokehold of your business so YOU are in control.

For 3 months, we’re going to dive deep, one-on-one, and figure out where those sneaky limiting beliefs are hiding so that you can clear them. Stop taking the long road to success--when you are in an INSPIRED state of mind every damn day, you will naturally float to the top.

Is it all going to be peaches and cream? Hell no. Sometimes in order to ACCELERATE your growth, you need to come to terms with emotions that might actually feel pretty sucky.

But I’m right there to guide you, and each week you’ll have CONCRETE EXERCISES to do that will help you not only to succeed in business, but basically just be a happier person in general.

Here’s what we cover together (note: this isn’t a week-by-week breakdown, because coaching doesn’t always go in a “straight line”):

Digging Up Your Gremlins

  • Learn how the subconscious mind is TRYING to protect you, but is actually working against you in your entrepreneurial ventures
  • Discover the different ways you’ve been sabotaging yourself without even realizing it so you can work smarter, not harder
  • Bring your limiting beliefs to the surface so they can finally be exposed and stomped out (and BELIEVE ME, you’ll be shocked by what’s lurking there without you knowing)

Clearing space for what’s coming

  • Learn simple techniques that you can do ANYTIME you start to feel anxious or nervous so you can feel more confidence and optimism, even about things that usually stress you the fuck out.
  • How to create a “path of least resistance” so that abundance can reach you faster
  • How to deal with the negative people and situations around you that you can’t control (without dwelling and getting all worked up)

Manifesting like a fucking CHAMP

  • What the heck is MANIFESTING and how it will help you create your dreamy life and business
  • Learn why you’ve been getting the exact opposite of what you want and how to turn it around to get what you DO want
  • Step-by-step exercises to use your thoughts to create your physical reality

Feeling Your Way to Success

  • How to use your “Inner GPS” to lead you straight to success (so you can stop taking the longer, harder way!)
  • THE MEANING OF LIFE--yes we ACTUALLY talk about this!
  • Why things can turn to shit when you’re trying to improve your life (and how to deal)

Open The Floodgates

  • Lift away the mental roadblocks that have been causing you to keep banging your head against the wall, trying to find success
  • How to press the “reset button” on negative momentum so that things just seem to “work out” for you without a lot of effort
  • How to use the abundance in one area of your life to attract abundance in ALL areas

Inspired Action

  • What inspired action IS, and why it’s INFINITELY better than just “taking massive action”
  • Discover the reason you’ve been procrastinating, even though you really REALLY want your business to work
  • How to create your Inspired Action Roadmap

So even though having a solid mindset that constantly conspires in your favour is PRICELESS, I know by now you're asking yourself, "how much?"

Here’s what you get:

  • 6 x 60-minute 1-on-1 calls (2 calls per month) with me over Zoom
  • Unlimited email support for feedback and questions (allow 48 hours for response)
  • Recording and summary of each call for future reference to keep forever

Your investment:



Or 3 payments of



In addition to everything I already mentioned, you'll get:

  • FREE access to the Woo Crew, my fab membership for high-vibe female entrepreneurs as long as you're a client
  • Access to the self-study Badass Mindset Mastery course (this way we get to maximize our 1:1 time!)

Let's be REAL HONEST for a second here...

This is probably NOT the first time you've tried to do something about your stress, overwhelm, and lack of results.

In fact, you might have a whole digital shelf full of online courses that you barely even got through module 1. MAYBE you've even hired expensive business coaches before. 

The thing is, chasing the latest business strategy or time management hack is just a band-aid. THAZZIT.

It doesn't tackle the real underlying issues. And hey, it's not your fault that nobody told you about this before. They themselves may not have known.

But now that you KNOW? You're at a fork in the road. 

You can continue to SPIN YOUR WHEELS, feeling like you'll never feel "caught up", and spend months or years STRESSED TO SHIT because your inner gremlins are still sabotaging your every move...


You can FINALLY dig below the surface to figure out why your shit's broken so that you can fix it and SLINGSHOT yourself into your dream life.

Ask your Q’s and I’ll give you A’s

I’ve never really considered myself “spiritual” and I’m not even entirely sure that I can believe it because it seems too easy, somehow. Will this actually work?

An open mind is a must if we’re going to work together. I’m fully aware that some of the concepts will be new and might even seem a little weird at first. If this “universe stuff” is all new to you, I’d be shocked if you didn’t have a few moments where you think, “Whaaaa?”. But the key is trust. So far, almost all of my clients have been pretty “new to the woo” and they all got a TON of benefit out of it.

So in other words: you can get results if you’re skeptical but willing to keep an open mind and try. But you CANNOT get results if you resist and close your mind to the possibilities. 

Is this a religious thing? I’m Christian and I don’t want to get into anything that contradicts that.

This has nothing to do with religion. At the end of the day, we’re really talking about the same thing--except you call your creator “God” and I call it “Universe” or “source energy”. In fact, one of my clients is Christian and I just substitute the word universe for God because that’s what she relates with and that’s cool.

We focus on using your energy and the power of your thoughts--both of which exist completely independently of your religious beliefs.

HOWEVER. If you’re going to resist and fight me on concepts just because they aren’t in the bible (or your holy book of choice) then don’t sign up with me. Just don’t.

How quickly can I start seeing shifts in my life?

I shit you not when I say that several of my clients have had “aha” moments within the first 10 minutes of the first call.

When you’re ready to take a no-bullshit approach to digging up your limiting beliefs, change can happen FAST. 

That said, don’t be upset if it takes you a few weeks to start really noticing shifts, because that can happen too. It just depends on your particular stage or readiness. Once you make the decision to really take all of the tools I give you on board, you WILL create insanely positive momentum faster than you thought possible.

What’s the difference between this and therapy?

I am NOT a therapist. I am a coach. Coaching is for people who are generally mentally healthy, and who are looking to improve themselves. We focus on the future and action steps.

Therapy is for people with more serious mental issues, and who are looking to heal from their past. Therapy focuses much more on past experiences.

While I will be asking questions about your past in order to help you move forward, we’re not going to be dwelling there any longer than necessary. 

If you feel like therapy is more what you need, please seek that first, and THEN when you feel ready, we can talk.

What kind of time commitment is necessary?

There will be an hour-long session 2 times per month, plus you’ll get some homework to help you implement what we talk about. Sometimes the homework will only take a few minutes once, and sometimes it will be a new habit to implement in your daily routine. 

I also recommend you go through the badass mindset mastery course as we work together, which is about an hour per module more or less.

It’s not mandatory, but by you doing the course, I can focus on COACHING rather than TEACHING you during our sessions, and your results will come faster.

One of the goals of working together is to actually REDUCE the amount of hours you spend working (especially if you feel you work too much) so I’m not here to give you really heavy assignments just for the sake of it.

So now’s the time to make a decision. 

Are you actually happy the way things are at the moment? Or are you ready to step up and take action to make your business easier, happier, and more profitable?

Click the button and let’s do this!