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Ditch Fear, Self-Doubt, and Distraction So You Can Manifest the Life You Want  

There’s a lot of information out there on “manifesting”. There are as many styles as there are teachers.  

Some people tell you to squeeze your eyes shut and think real hard about what you want.  

Some people are telling you to do things like change your passwords to your goals and write your goals out every day.  

But you know what? Neither of those approaches worked for me. I wasn’t looking for a surface solution, where I’d have to perform these “manifesting” rituals every time I wanted something.  

I wanted it to just FLOW, without the gimmicks.  

And hey, maybe those approaches work for other people.  

But I’m guessing you’re not one of them, if you found your way here.  

It's easy to feel like you're "just not good at manifesting".

  • You’ve tried lots of other manifesting courses, books, and tricks, but shit’s still STUCK.  
  • You know conceptually that anything’s possible for you, but you’re still like “hey universe, where’s my stuff?”
  • You’re sick of being specific as fuck with the universe, only to be disappointed. DOUBLY so when you see it working for other people. 

But the crazy thing is, you're actually already a MASTER at manifesting--it's about learning to do it intentionally, and point that power where you want it.

Here’s what #alignedAF manifesting looks like...

  • Writing out a list of people you want to work with, and having some of them reach out to YOU within 24 hours (happens all the time!)
  • Naturally gravitating toward the people, activities, and opportunities that will give you a turboboost to get you to your goals FASTER
  • Easier relationships with EVERYONE around you--your partner, your kids, your clients, your family….everyone. (even if they’re annoying AF right now)
  • Complete and utter trust, even when things aren’t going as planned. You KNOW the big U has your back ;)  

You don’t get there by writing out your goals a few times and hoping for the best. You get there by getting #alignedAF, and that takes practice, release, and deep inner work. 

All the free or affordable mindset resources out there seem to be falling a little flat...  

  • You’ve tried the “manifesting magic tricks” and you’re left wondering “where’s mah stufffffff?” 
  • You get that mindset is important, but the whole “think positive” thing just irks you. You KNOW there’s so much more to it than that! And what the hell do you do when bad shit happens?  
  • You’re “woo-curious”, meaning you’re interested in stuff like tarot, moon cycles, and crystals, but you’re not full-on hippie dippie. You need to balance it out with a side of logic. 

I was kinda sick of seeing stuff that was either incomplete, too hippie-dippie, or just plain made no sense to me. So I created the space that is exactly what I wish I had a LOT earlier on...

But wait, before we go any further, hold up.  

Lemme introduce myself, just in case we’re not already hanging out.  

I’m Shelsey Jarvis, and I’m the Unfuck Your Business coach.

*waves hiiiiiiii*  

What does that mean?  

Well, I’m a firm believer that all of this “manifesting”, “work less earn more”, and the like are just side effects of unfucking your belief system.  

In case you care, I’m a student of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), which I la-la-LOVE because it’s full o’ left-brained “logical” ways to get #alignedAF.  

But what really matters is that I know mindset because I’ve had to work through a SHIT TON of stuff, and coached myself through most of it. 

A little backstory:  

Just a few years ago, I was 1000% in survival mode. Sometimes (*ahem* often) several months behind on bills, too scared to deal with my finances, in debt up to our necks, and it was affecting every area of my life.  

When we hit rock bottom and filed for a consumer proposal 7 years ago (which is basically “bankruptcy lite”), you’d think that would have been enough to get us to change our habits.  

But noooooo. Every time we’d pay off some debt or get ahead in savings, I’d somehow find a way to get us right back where we started.  

And when I started my first online business 4 years ago, I was hustling my ass off to try to change our situation. Nobody could say I didn’t want it badly enough--I was working 10 hour days, and still only making about $1000 a month in my business. 

Long story short, I realized that I simply didn’t believe I deserved to have a lot of money. I didn’t believe it was safe to have a lot of money coming in. So I subconsciously repelled it and rejected it every chance I got.  

And through becoming a coach, journalling and EFT’ing my ass off, and learning how to be a mirror (not only for myself, but for others), I learned how to identify and shift mindset blocks that were keeping me from manifesting like crazy.

Why the “Surface-Level” Manifesting Techniques Don’t Work

“Think positive” is a nice idea, but doesn’t really pan out when faced with real-life pain and negative beliefs.  

The fact is, you’re creating your reality. And all the shitty stuff that’s happening to you right now? Believe it or not, but it’s happening because it’s meeting some emotional need, often in a really twisted way.  

Our belief system and emotional drivers are what create every aspect of our lives, and drive our actions.  

It’s what makes the difference between seeing opportunities everywhere, or sulking because you think nothing good ever happens to you.  

And try as you might to “fix” your external reality with your actions, it won’t work long-term.  

The change has GOT to come from within if it’s going to last.  


So here’s where I come in…  

I’m here to help you with the education and coaching you need to identify and shift those beliefs to ones that are in alignment with your big vision and dreams.  

“I can receive money easily”  

“It’s perfectly okay to make more money than anyone I know”  

“Putting myself out there is a GOOD thing and the world needs more of me”  

Can you IMAGINE how different life would look when you are able to truly get on board with this stuff?  

Here's a taste of what you get:

  • Self-Study Courses (valued at $197-$1000+ each)
  • Monthly Masterclasses (by me or a special guest)
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls (valued at $500/month)
  • Bi-weekly Q&A (valued at $200/month)
  • Quarterly Live Rounds of Courses (Priceless!)
  • TIght-knit High-Vibe Community (freakin PRICELESS)
  • Monthly Accountability Prizes (worth up to $700)

Uncover your why, declutter your life, and set yourself up to fire on all cylinders with this audio course.

Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to uncover and shift your money blocks.

Learn and apply these 10 Spiritual Laws to raise your frequency and power up your manifestation powers.

Clear your money blocks, live with intention, and become a master at receiving.

Uncovering and clearing the 5 most common money blocks with journaling, EFT, and affirmations.

Start your meditation practice with this collection of audios, ranging from money mantras to self-worth.

...and more! Plus:

Members-Only FB Community

Coming Soon:


Where Emotion Flows, Action Goes. Flow it where it matters.

(Value: $297)

Ever wonder why you can't seem to just get yourself in gear? Why you have so many distractions, shiny object syndrome, and lack of motivation?

You're not lazy, it's just that your emotions are all tied up in ways that don't serve you. Holy SHIFT changes all that.

If you’ve been tapping, journalling, setting intentions, and buying every manifesting course ever made, and STILL nothing’s changing, it’s time to get the support you need.  

Mindset work takes a whole lot longer when you try to do it by yourself (yes, even if you’re a coach--I’m a mindset coach and I always make sure I have the support of another coach!)  

Your subconscious will “protect” (*cough cough* SABOTAGE) you at every turn if it’s not on board with your goals.  

You can’t just “sunshine and rainbow” your way through your blocks (unless you want them to keep popping up in bigger and bigger ways until they're finally dealt with) 

How much is it costing YOU to be out of alignment?

(hint: it's a LOT more than $97/month.)  

Here are just some of the benefits members have enjoyed: 

  • Making their first 5-figure months in their business
  • Manifesting free cars
  • Getting featured in popular media 
  • Healing rough patches in their marriage
  • Getting aligned with the PERFECT business idea for them
  • Receiving new clients out of the blue
  • Weight loss
  • Quitting their jobs
  • Vacations  
  • Laser focus on the activities that make MONEY 
  • Being less “busy” 
  • More satisfying and harmonious relationships with kids
  • Cranking up their receiving superpowers 
  • Taking inspired action that they were previously too scared shitless to do 
  • Finding more white space in their crazy lives 
  • Getting support in the community when they needed it most 
  • More confidence in themselves and their decisions 

Ready to dive in?  

What’s included:  

  • Self-study courses to help you learn about your mindset at your own pace
  • 2 monthly group coaching calls with hot seats, so you can get 1:1 laser coaching with ME
  • Super high-vibe and supportive Facebook community to celebrate wins, ask questions, and meet other high-vibe entrepreneurs
  • Bi-weekly Q+A in the group where I answer as many of your questions as possible
  • A welcome call with my team so that you know exactly what resources to start with, based on what you need right now.  

Oh gawd...do I really need another membership?  

If you’re thinking this is probably another hyped-up membership site that isn’t worth your time, I totally get you. I’ve been a member of MANY membership sites, and I’d agree that a lot of them seem to have been thrown together just for the sake of having one. And that’s why it meant so much to me to create something of VALUE. Something that combines all the elements you need to feel supported as you unleash the best version of yourself. Accountability, support, and training. Ready to dive in?  

"As soon as the Woo Crew opened its doors, I was IN. For me, I’d experienced working with Shelsey before and I knew without a doubt it would be worth every penny and then some. With the help of the bi-weekly coaching calls, I’ve been able to not just bust through so many blocks, but also I’ve gained the tools to bounce back when shitty stuff happens.  

In the group calls, Shelsey is so hands-on. She knows just what questions to ask to bring clarity and provide support. I’ve had SO MUCH personal growth here. Do I believe the WC is a worthy investment? Let me put it this way: I was the first member in, and I’ll be the last one out ;) "

Rachael Jencks


"I admit I was a little worried about paying for a monthly membership before I joined the WC. But I’d consumed a lot of Shelsey’s free content, and she resonates like a motherfucking magical gong! And I’m SO glad I made the decision to join. If I hadn’t, I’d still be stuck in the same limiting belief crap I was before. It’s the strangest thing--before, I felt like I had to work for every sale in my business, but now people literally seem to come out of nowhere and buy from me!  

Having access to Shelsey, the courses, and the community has helped me believe that life just works better when I go with the flow, instead of busting my ass all the time.  

It's a group, content, lifestyle, community, coaching and business advising rolled up into a gang of badass entrepreneurs who support each other and grow together. It’s my home!"

Shannah Liberman


Let's break it down and make it simple...

This is for you if:  

--> You’re a recovering course junkie who needs more than just some self-study videos--you’re craving connection, coaching, and high-vibe community.  

--> You've been interested in the "woo woo" stuff, but a lot of the information you find seems too "out there" and you can't wrap your mind around the fluffy language (in English, please??)

--> You like your woo with a side of logical action steps, because you know that there's more to creating your reality than daydreaming on your couch.  

--> You love high-touch environment where you can get support when you need it most  

This is NOT for you if:  

--> You aren't willing to stay open-minded to the fact that some things you believe pretty hard right now might not actually be true.  

--> You're going to get bent out of shape when I refer to my higher power as "universe" or "source" (all religions are welcome here, as long as you don't crap on anyone else's)  

--> You're offended by swearing. We swear here.  

→ You’re looking for a magic pill to solve your problems. That’s not what this is.

How about a tour?

"I joined the Woo Crew because I’ve consumed so much of Shelsey’s free AND paid content, and it’s been worth it every time. She gives so much of herself, it was a no-brainer!  

To be honest, I was ready to give up on my business before I joined. I was feeling like a failure, and reinforcing negative beliefs that just weren’t serving me. But with the help of the Woo Crew, I FINALLY broke through my procrastination, and successfully launched my group course!  

The group calls are my favorite. It’s so helpful to see how Shelsey gets at the mindset blocks when other members take the hot seat. It’s also great to know that other people are going through similar challenges, and to see how they deal with them.  

I’m officially a Woo-Crew lifer! ;)"

Cheryle Freedman


I have just one concern...

I give my best shit in this membership. I help you dig deep to uncover parts of yourself that are dying to come out and play.  

Coaching of this caliber costs $1000-2000 (and up) per month. And since you’re getting in at such an incredible price, I want to make sure you show up and take this as seriously as you would if you’d invested THOUSANDS.  

This isn’t just a membership site. This is a way of life, and you can literally change yours with what I’m throwing down here.  




I tend to buy these things, and then forget about them until my card gets charged again. Why would this time be any different?  

You’re going to be connected with my community manager on a short call right off the bat, who can get you pointed in the right direction. I don’t want you to just log in, see ALLLLL the content available, and get overwhelmed--you tell us what you’re struggling with, and we’ll help you get on the right track.  

And if you want accountability, we can hook you up with weekly check-ins in the group ;)  

Is there a minimum monthly commitment?  

Nope! Just shoot us an email at woocrew@leftbrainedhippie.com to cancel anytime you feel it’s no longer a fit.  

We’ll ask why you decided to leave, but we’ll cancel your subscription regardless of the answer. It’s a big deal to us to make the Woo Crew an awesome place to be, and your feedback helps with that!  

Also, we’re not in the business of “convincing” people to stay, because that gets super awkward for everyone.  

I’ve been on group calls with other programs, and never really got anything out of it. Is it really worth attending those calls, or even watching the replays?  

YUP. Ask any of the regulars who show up nearly every time, they ALWAYS get something out of it, even if they weren’t the one being coached.  

The law of attraction dictates that if you’re drawn to show up to a call or watch a replay, there’s something in it for you. You WILL get something you didn’t know you needed.  

And to help you with this, I include some bullet-point notes with the replays to let you know what we covered ;)  

Can’t I just do mindset work by myself?  

Not NEARLY as effectively. Hey, I coach people with their mindset, and *I* still work with coaches. Because it’s just so much easier to have breakthroughs when you’ve got an outside perspective.  

You can’t see the colour of your own eyes without a mirror! The Woo Crew can be your mirror as long as you USE it. It’s like fast-forwarding through a lot of bullshit to get to the good stuff more quickly.  

I knew I needed some help with mindset, but wasn’t in a position to hire a coach. So, even though I was a bit wary of the cost of a monthly membership, I decided to give it a try (with full intention of cancelling in my first month). But WHOA, worth it!! I was in a pretty dark and twisty place, and being here has helped me gain the self-awareness I need to move forward! Needless to say, I stayed ;)

My favorite part is definitely the group calls. You have SO MUCH ACCESS to Shelsey, and she gives real actual coaching. I’ve manifested some pretty awesome and unexpected things in my life, things I don’t think I ever would have even thought to ASK for!  

On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 12. I love it here!  

Stephanie La Torre


I mean, if what you’ve been doing is working, by all means go forth and prosper!

But if it hasn’t been working, you need to try another way to get a different result.

Ready to jump in and start using your thoughts with INTENTION to create the reality you want?