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The WOO Crew is a movement of entrepreneurs and creatives who are ready to get their hands in the clay to mold their dream life using the power of their thoughts.

They're ready to break through their limiting beliefs, re-wire their brain for success, and shed all the negative crap that's been holding them back. Which means less hard work, more abundance (in ALL senses of the word), and just being HAPPY.

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This community is for you if:

--> You've been interested in the "woo woo" stuff, but a lot of the information you find seems too "out there" and you can't wrap your mind around the fluffy language

--> You're a female entrepreneur or creative who's ready to set the world on fire with your gifts and live life ON FREAKIN' PURPOSE

--> You like your woo with a side of logical action steps. Because you know that there's more to creating your reality than daydreaming on your couch.

This community is NOT for you if:

--> You aren't willing to stay open-minded to the fact that some things you believe pretty hard right now might not actually be true.

--> You're going to get bent out of shape when I refer to my higher power as "universe" or "source" (all religions are welcome here, as long as you don't crap on anyone else's)

--> You're offended by swearing. We swear here.

For the time being, this community will stay female-only, simply because many women aren't comfortable sharing openly with men they don't know, and I'm looking to create a safe space where everyone is comfortable.  If this changes in the future, I'll make an announcement.

As part of the Woo Crew, you have access to:

Private Facebook Community

I bring it in the free community, but this is where we dive into more detail, and what's better, be part of a community of entrepreneurs and creatives who lift each other up and show each other what's possible!

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching calls

Grab a spot and you'll have 20 minutes of personalized coaching, and you'll get to learn from everyone else being coached as well!

Exclusive Masterclasses

This is where I dig deep on a narrow topic. I hold absolutely NOTHING back, and you'll get the chance to ask questions live to get the most of them.

Access to Left-Brained Hippie Courses & Content

Learn EFT, meditation, working from a place of inspiration, and I'll always be working on more courses to help you nail everything from manifesting to outsourcing.

*COMING SOON* Unlimited Access to all Webinar Trainings and Challenges

You know those webinars and challenges that expire? Well guess what--they're all here, and you now have access whenever you want!

Join today for only $49/month!

Get 2 months FREE on the annual membership for $497!